Reawakening The Wild Through Natural Skincare With Wild Leaf Botanicals

Emily Uebergang

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The mesmerizing scents of lemon-myrtle and eucalyptus perfectly capture the heart of the Australian outback.

Founder behind the natural skincare line Wild Leaf Botanicals, Jennifer Rudd, is directing our attention towards this array of incredible natural flora we’re blessed with in our own backyard.

By sourcing such quality native ingredients and supporting local producers, her natural skincare range is worth getting to know more intimately.

Naturally Inspired

In highlighting Australia’s unique native plants, Jennifer is able to share her nostalgia of weekends spent bushwalking with her family as a child growing up.

“When I was younger, my parents took my brother and me bushwalking every weekend, and I still love that sense of freedom and exploring new places. So I also wanted to evoke that feeling in the name and when using our products (hence the tagline of ‘reawaken your wild’).”


"I still love that sense of freedom and exploring new places. So I also wanted to evoke that feeling in the name and when using our products."


“It’s something that we often forget to do with the stresses of everyday life (which is where our products can help, as they encourage women to take time out for self-care).”

Her products reflect everything there is to love about Australia. The untainted wilderness, a sense of freedom and diverse natural beauty.

Launching in April this year, Wild Leaf Botanicals has gone from strength to strength.

The inspiration in developing her line of natural skincare products came about from a personal desire to minimise her exposure to the harmful chemicals that plague the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Jennifer fondly reflects on the very first product she made – her Citrus & Peppermint Body Scrub – which remains a best-seller to this day.

“It took me a while to get the perfect balance of scents – orange, mandarin, lemon-scented ironbark and peppermint, but the result was worth it! It’s one of my favourite products due to its delicious and invigorating scent, while the olive oil and pink lake salt really smooths and nourishes the skin.”

Her mother has always led by example, opting for natural products for as long as she can remember.

Jennifer also explains how fellow female entrepreneurs rising to the challenge of pursing passions and gifts have inspired her so much on her own journey.

“I am in awe of all the female entrepreneurs out there who are following their passions and trying to make a difference in this world, no matter how big or small.”

Wild Leaf Botanicals


At The Core

Jennifer proudly stands by her core values of authenticity, transparency, simplicity, cruelty-free and being a truly earth-conscious business. From where she sources her ingredients to the very bottle she packages them in.

Aligning her core values with the practicality of finding suppliers whom she can source said ingredients from has proved to be an ongoing challenge. But not one she hasn’t taken in her stride.

Just this past week Jennifer received her order direct from a local producer of tea tree oil in Northern NSW. The tea tree oil had just been distilled the week prior. This kind of freshness would be impossible to achieve had she looked abroad for a cheaper alternative.

What appears like a minor detail has massive flow on affects for her own brand. By sourcing directly from the producers, she is able to ensure her customers are provided with the highest quality ingredients available.

“I knew my number one value would be supporting Australian businesses, so I wanted to include Australian native and locally grown ingredients in our products. By using Australian ingredients we can also be assured of their freshness and high quality. This means we can’t make all our products 100% organic, as organic ingredients are not always available locally. However, I do use them where they are available, and some products are 100% organic. So from this I learned that locally sourced ingredients are a ‘must-have’, and organic ingredients are a ‘nice-to-have’ for our products.”


The Toxic Truth

A survey conducted by an environmental health organisation revealed that the average woman uses 12 personal care products each day, containing over 168 unique chemical ingredients.

It would come as a surprise if the average consumer could name even just a handful of these ingredients they are slathering onto their body as part of their daily beauty and cleaning ritual.

This survey also revealed one of every five adults are potentially exposed every single day to all of the top seven carcinogenic impurities common to personal care product ingredients — hydroquinone, ethylene dioxide, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, PAHs, and acrylamide.

Many conventional personal care products contain ingredients that have highly probable reproductive and developmental toxins, linked to impaired fertility or developmental harm for a baby in the womb.

Such staggering statistics are just one of the many reasons for Jennifer’s commitment to non-toxic and natural ingredients. Above all, she believes in empowering the consumer with information to educate them about their choices.

“One of the most important things to do is educate yourself. Make sure you read and understand ingredient labels, and don’t always believe the marketing hype of a company – do your own research so you can be confident you are making an eco-friendly purchase decision.”

There are few skincare products that abide by such high standards as Wild Leaf Botanicals.

“All our ingredients are grown and sourced locally within Australia from carefully selected suppliers, which are often family-run businesses. I’m not aware of any other skincare company that does this. This ensures we support Australian farmers and producers, and means our customers can be assured of the high quality of our products. It also reduces our carbon footprint. Each product on our website lists where the ingredients have been sourced from, which is in line with our philosophy of being transparent.”

Wild Leaf Botanicals

Nurturing the Potential

Looking to the year ahead, Jennifer is excited to expand her range to include more local essential oils based products. She wants to continue to encourage women to take time out to nourish themselves and this is at the forefront of her mind in all that she does.

“I plan to keep expanding the product range and getting our products out there into the hands of as many women as possible. I would love to do parties (like bridal showers) and workshops that include an educational component as well as the fun pampering side.”

She encourages consumers to start by making small changes and continually improving over time.

“Don’t stress if you can’t do everything at once… it’s about progress not perfection (which can be a hard concept for a perfectionist like myself to grasp!). And you need to accept that you will most likely need to make compromises at some point, which is easier to do once you are clear on your values and philosophy.”

For Jennifer, it’s about making alternative products, like her skincare line, more accessible to the everyday consumer who is looking for a more natural skincare product that’s safe for their health and the environment. Which is why she’s so excited about the opportunity to interact directly with her customers at upcoming markets in Brisbane.

Learn more about Wild Leaf Botanicals and shop their range here.

Emily Uebergang

Emily Uebergang is a writer, farmer and ecoprenuer who transitioned from the urban jungle to a working farmstead in the beautiful mountains of the Manning Valley in New South Wales, Australia. She writes like she's out to try and save the world... or at least make a difference for the better.