Extend summer with these zesty natural and organic body washes

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organic body wash

It’s easy to discount body wash. It’s something we lather on quickly in the shower and then wash off. We’re more likely to spend time and money on products that stay on the body, like moisturiser.

But it’s important to buy washes that are toxin free for a couple of reasons. They wash straight down the plughole and make their way to the earth. We need to protect our delicate ecosystem by avoiding nasty sulphates and chemical agents.

Plus – the shower is that one place we start or end our day. The fragrances and textures of our in-shower products can affect that crucial experience of washing, and starting clean and anew.

This week we officially farewelled summer. If you’re like me, you complained about the heat for three long months but now it’s over, you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the warm weather.

Here are my top summer natural and organic body washes, with zesty, fresh fragrances and skin hydrating properties that will keep the summer vibes alive a little longer.

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Peppermint Soap $12.95/237mL

organic body wash

Dr Bronner’s is a much loved brand, used by health conscious celebs and families all over the world. This isn’t a body wash per se, it’s an ‘18 in 1’ product that can be used to shampoo your hair; wash your clothes; clean the tub and the dog; the floor and dishes; along with your body. As such it’s stronger than the milky products you may be used to, however is not at all drying. I love this natural peppermint smell for summer. It cleans those hot weather induced bodily smells with notable effectiveness. All organic, fair trade ingredients, and even the packaging is mindfully produced, being post consumer recycled. A true classic.

Dr Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash $29/200mL

organic body wash

This body wash can be summed up by the word nurturing (like all of Dr Hauschka’s skincare products). Perfect for sensitive skins, it’s a low foaming yet creamy consistency (a little should go a long way) that evokes a subtle scent of citrus in all its fresh, summery glory. It’s also got a kick of ginger root, should you require assistance waking up in the morning. Hauschka, like Weleda, have a long history of sustainable farming practice and the holistic refinement of their ingredients behind them. They source from their own medicinal herb garden or from one of their many biodynamic grower partnerships in Germany. A very luxurious and hydrating product.

Mukti Botanique Wash $49.95/500mL


organic body wash

I came across Mukti through my research, and must say that I’m very taken with it. Produced in Maleny, Queensland, Mukti use all organic ingredients, are cruelty free, vegan, and harness the botanic potency of Australian native extracts, which in turn support the indigenous communities who harvest them. The lemon verbena scent is non synthetic and very well set off by the zingy desert lime. Texturally, it’s not foaming (generally a good sign of a sulfate free product) and moisturising. One could have a perfect experience taking this baby on summer holidays, using it in a candlelit, rainforest-view bathroom after a salty swim, just as the rain starts (highly specific scenario, but you never know).

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash $17.95/200mL

organic body wash

You can’t go wrong using Weleda. They were ahead of the organic and natural body care trend, starting production in 1921. All their ingredients are sourced in direct partnership with farmers, not on the open market; such care and involvement is rare in the industry. Sustainability is a cornerstone of their production and always has been. Luckily for us, this translates into gentle products that do right by our skin. I’ve loved using the Sea Buckthorn body wash. It’s a creamy based product that has a subtly fruity–meets–woody scent that’s gentle and just a little invigorating. It smells – how do I put this – like calm and happy.

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