Style Tips On How To Wear A Maxi Dress In Cold Weather

Kira Simpson

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I love Autumn in Queensland.

It has less of the harshness I’ve previously experienced in the southern states. In Sydney, one day you’re swanning around in denim cutoffs, cranking the AC to high for reprieve from the heat.

Then the next day you’re rugged up in 12 layers, navigating the freezing dash from shower to bedroom trying not to expose your bare skin to the arctic like conditions pervading your house!

Autumn in the north feels gentler, like a slow creep.

The air gradually begins feels cool, crisp and fresh, reminding you to add warmer layers at a leisurely pace.

You can get away with wearing dresses and skirts for a few more months, and straw accessories don’t look out of place.

When the weather cools down, pairing dresses with jackets is great way to get longevity out of your summer wardrobe.

Start with a pretty maxi dress, throw on a cropped jacket, add your favourite accessories and you have yourself the perfect Autumn outfit!

If you need something a bit more heavy duty, swap the light jacket for leather, the sandals for boots then accessorise with a scarf.

My not so secret trick for wearing maxi dresses when it’s really cold is to add a pair of tights underneath. No one can see them and you’ve got an extra layer of warmth!

Outfit details

Phoenix Maxi Dress – Amilita

The Dingo Straw Hat – Fallen Broken Street

Ecuador Huarache Sandals – Nisolo

The Sol Round Bag – Hartwood House

Mineral Foundation and Blush – Inika

Photagraphy by David Simpson

amilita dress
amilita dress
amilita dress

amilita dress

amilita dress

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