Amilita – Ethical Style For The Modern Bohemian

With a brand philosophy of comfort, kindness and aesthetics, Amilita embodies everything I love about small Australian fashion labels.

The Byron Bay based brand is true to the modern bohemian style with subtle prints and light fabrics in casual, laid back designs.  Think pretty camis, flowing maxi skirts and gorgeous wrap dresses.

The new Phoenix Rising collection  is made from eco-friendly fabrics such as GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Lenzing Viscose, a wood based fibre which has a much lighter environmental footprint compared to synthetic materials we often see in fast fashion.

But Amilita is anything but fast. Their designs have a timeless feel, made to last.

I spoke with founder Sara about how she rebuilt her business and launched a new collection while juggling motherhood and renovating an old Queenslander.

ethical fashion

"My love of creating became too overpowering, and I decided to start Amilita again, but this time do it right."

The Journey So Far

I started Amilita in 2007 with my idea to make comfortable but also sexy lingerie.

I started with a small range of Modal based and silk styles, which I was hand sewing myself. I had a market stall at Bondi Markets and one day I put a few styles of clothing that I had made and my racks were empty by Midday, and it just kind of snow balled from there.

I moved to Bali to work closely with our small factory and spent 4 blissful years creating collections in the beautiful surrounds of Bali.

Once I moved back to Byron Bay in Australia, I found it difficult working with Bali, there was just so much travelling back and forth, so I started producing in China. I would go over to China 3 times a year to work on each collection, and after a while working in this environment just didn’t sit right with me.

So, in 2015 while pregnant with my first child I decided to give it all up. The final nail in the coffin was watching ‘The true cost’ documentary I just thought I cannot contribute to this anymore.

But alas my love of creating became too overpowering, and whilst taking time out to nurture my new baby girl, I decided to start Amilita again but this time do it right.

ethical fashion

Behind The Brand

Inspiration. I’m a huge vintage fan. But also just the streets. Especially at the markets and just the women around the Bay area are a constant inspiration with their relaxed, unique, confident sense of style.

Before my “re-birth” of Amilita I had actually pretty much closed down shop, and now its just me rebuilding the label the way that sits well with me and my conscious.

At present my day is spent juggling my 1 year old, and working as much as she allows…some days that’s very little! My husband and I are also restoring an old Queenslander which takes up a lot of my time.

Sustainable Living

Perfection is impossible in this modern world, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself and stress yourself out otherwise your motivation will wane. Every little bits counts.

There are so many small changes that wont affect your life and if everyone made some of those small changes the effects on the planet would be huge!

"I just want to keep creating beautiful collections that people can feel good about wearing. I want to make sure the earth and those that inhabit it don’t get harmed in the process!"

Shop the Phoenix Rising collection here and see how I style my beautiful Phoenix Maxi Dress here.

Images source: Amilita


Kira Simpson

Founder + Director of The Green Hub, an urban green living advocate and coffee obsessive. She believes there is no one size fits all green lifestyle and we can all live more sustainably in a way that fits in with each of our unique lifestyles.