Meet Eco Travel Entrepreneur Valeria Hinojosa

Kira Simpson

After five years in the corporate world, WaterThruSkin conscious lifestyle and travel blogger Valeria Hinojosa decided to swap job security for a life filled with purpose and meaning.

From climbing mountains to reach an eco hotel in Mach Pichu to finding nature and peace in Bali, Valeria is living a life well travelled and inspiring her followers to do the same.

I named my blog “WaterThruSkin” because I wanted to create a platform and movement as refreshing and transparent as water yet with the power to penetrate through skin.”

Valeria’s travel adventures are well documented on her blog and Instagram pages and her inspiring lifestyle and story has also caught the attention of many media publications, including Airbnb and Forbes.

Below, the socially conscious yogi shares her eco travel tips and how she got started on this incredible life adventure.

"We only have one life. Be raw. Be you. Risk it all when it comes to chasing your dreams."

The Catalyst

I was actually a Private Banker when I started my blog. I was frustrated with the career and life I had chosen, and decided to create a platform where I could put my emotions and thoughts in writing and connect with like-minded individuals in the process. Never did I imagine it would get me to where I am today!

eco travel

A Typical Day

When I’m home in Miami, I usually wake up to a morning cup of organic and fair-trade coffee, meditate in my balcony next to my tiny orchard, and choose to work from home or head to the office.

My Miami days are usually filled with meetings that revolve around the sustainable and conscious movement. From eco-friendly brands to influencers that are changing the world through their social media accounts. I try to end every day with my yoga practice.


During the times I travel (usually once or twice per month), I dedicate every second to discovering the corners of the city or town I’m visiting. I try to embark on as many nature-oriented activities as possible and document everything on my social media for my followers to be part of every experience.

eco travel
eco travel

eco travel


We only have one life. Be raw. Be you. Risk it all when it comes to chasing your dreams.  Treat this earth as your temple and every living being as your equal. Accept equality as the only language and pass it down to our future generations. Choose love and make it our everyday mantra.”

eco travel
eco travel

"If it’s your soul’s purpose and calling, it’s worth it."

Making Travel Plans

I use Ecosia.co, Elliotforwater.com and, of course, Google, to research sustainable places and brands. Sometimes it’s very easy and takes me a few minutes. Other times, I spend over 5 hours researching a single place.

The two first search engines are great because they give back to our planet. Ecosia.co plants trees with each search, and ElliotforWater provides clean water with each search.

I would love to visit….

Australia. It’s been on the back of my mind for a few years now. My next adventure is Vieques, Puerto Rico, this week!

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The future of Eco Travel

Growing. Tremendously! I believe we, especially millennials, are realising the consequences of our parents’ actions on nature and our planet as a whole. Instead of standing still, we are rising up and doing something about it. Starting with the choices we take on a daily basis.

Travelling is a big part of this and so is ecotourism, which focuses on supporting sustainable hotels and activities that promote and conserve animal freedom and nature protection.


Some of my favorite ones are: Reformation, Harveys, Remember me Green, The Onikas, MiakodaNY, EcoPeaceSwim, PortdeBras, LesSublimes, ByBlanch, among others.

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The Future

I’m working on a few projects- outside of my blog but within the same conscious lifestyle. Some of them revolve around growing my YouTube channel, writing a book, and the agency, WTS Connect.

The World Needs More…

Authentic people who are not afraid to be raw, live life to the fullest, and speak up for the things that matter.

You can follow Valeria’s travel adventures here on her Instagram and her site.

Kira Simpson

Founder + Director of The Green Hub, an urban green living advocate and coffee obsessive. She believes there is no one size fits all green lifestyle and we can all live more sustainably in a way that fits in with each of our unique lifestyles.