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The Story

Harlequin Belle is a label with a conscience.  We offer stylish products with a sustainable and ethical approach.

With Harlequin Belle our goal was to create pieces with which people could really connect.

Not just a bag to hold things (although functionality is also key) but a valued piece in itself that people would be proud to carry – and a reflection of their own individualism. We go to great lengths to ensure that our products are made with utmost respect for the makers, the environment and our valued customers.

 Our Products

All our bags and wallets are made in small runs, some are Limited Edition. Each piece has a unique leather label sewn in proudly displaying its  individual number.  That way, when you have made the  decision to love a  HB bag you know there isn’t another  one like it anywhere in the world.

We use only the  highest quality raw materials and construction. Our aim is  to create ‘forever fashion’ whose quality and styling will  last and last.  Recently we started asking our customers  to review their purchases.  Click here to see some of what  they said!

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