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The Story

Connecting you with Cambodian artisans, Modimade is changing the way you shop. It’s a big vision but one shopper, and one artisan at a time, lives are being changed.

Founder, Anna Wythes, has partnered with local, small scale and sustainable enterprises in Cambodia to bring you clothes and homewares, hand-crafted from the heart of Cambodia.

Having travelled and worked in Cambodia, Anna has seen firsthand the challenges of poverty faced by those in rural communities.

She vowed to make a difference and through Modimade, this vision has been made possible

Modimade supply a wide range of sustainably produced kids’ and women’s clothing and accessories, yoga gear and homewares.

Each piece has passed through the hands of individuals who, just like you, want to provide for their families and the freedom to pursue their own opportunities.

Only natural dyes are used and many of the garments are made from reclaimed factory cut-offs to reduce the amount of fabric thrown into landfill. Workers, mainly women with families of their own to support, are paid fair wages and work in healthy environments. Each piece is individually and lovingly signed by its creator.

Modimade bridges the gap between producer and consumer.

Through each purchase an intimate connection is being established and brings the Modimade message so much closer to home. We are all connected. We are all in this together. We are all part of the picture. Ethical, fair and sustainable is the only way forward if we are to leave no one behind. 

Modimade may only be a small business but they are making a big impact in the lives of many who suffer as a result of poverty in rural Cambodia.

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