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The Road

  • Certified Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically made
  • Handmade

The Story

The Road is straight up.

It’s straight up about how its clothes are made, and it’s straight up about why.

We make decent-looking basics for basically decent people.

We treat our workers well, use material that won’t wreck the planet and make clothes that last. It is not fast fashion, it is not high fashion – it is the future of fashion. In our world ethics is no longer a luxury – it is the new order. We’re here to shake it up.

We use sustainably sourced GOTS certified cotton from Fairtrade certified farms.

The raw material is then milled and dyed using a zero liquid discharge system to stop wastewater run-off. We pay our makers in India a living wage, with health care benefits, a retirement fund, holiday leave and a housing programme. And we certainly don’t view that as a luxury. Making clothes that don’t further mess with our already messed up world is essential.

We want you to feel good in your clothes.

Well, actually, we want you to feel good in our clothes. And we know you can’t feel good in your clothes if you know the makers are being exploited for cheap labour and the dyes being used are literally poisoning the earth.

We also aim to prove that good design, quality workmanship and ethical practice should not be considered a luxury because we believe everyone should be able to access ethically produced high quality clothes at a price they can afford.

We’ve started on this road – what we believe is the right path to a sustainable future in fashion.

Come join the 1000’s of others who are already on the journey with us. Buy 2 Printed Tees & get $20 Off!

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