4 Surprising (& Super Effective) Skincare Hacks For Glowing Skin

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While there are many wonderful makeup products that can make us look and feel confident, they are the cherry on top of a daily regime. There’s plenty we can do (that we may not have even considered) to help our skin be its very best, and get the most out of the products we already have.

Use a warm flannel before cleansing

This has to be the cheapest (and best) way of getting the most out of any skincare regime. Simply fill up your sink with warm water and soak a flannel or muslin cloth. If you’re feeling fancy you can use a bath essence to add a calming fragrance to the water. Then wring out and place on your face. This instantly opens the pores and gets skin ready to be cleansed. Use it to wipe cleanser off as well. So easy, yet so, so effective.

Leave your cleanser on for a little longer

Some of us apply our favourite cleanser in the shower or at the sink and then wash it off before it has had enough time to penetrate the skin. It’ll do a quarter of the job it’s meant to.

Work on the base

Rather than spending a heap of money on foundation and intermittent facials, work on your skin daily. Cleanse and moisturise, protect it from sun damage, reduce stress, and eat a healthy diet. Covering bad skin up will never be as effective as having happy skin to start with.

Consider your mood

Roald Dahl once wrote, “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” There’s something in this – there are times when we shove on all the product we can, but we’re just not feeling it. Other times we might be makeup free yet photos reveal we’re looking great. You can’t paint over an anxious mind.

Image source: www.thechrisellefactor.com

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