Lhami Founder Natalie Mitchell Is Turning Your Beauty Routine Into A Spa Experience

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How often do you feel a brand personally speaks to you?

For buyers of Lhami (lah-mee) essential oil beauty, health and bath products, the answer is…every time. Lhami’s owner, Natalie Mitchell says:

‘I always make sure to include a personal message with every order. It’s about connecting with people, making sure my customers find the right combination of products for them. There is no one size fits all when it comes to beauty products. It has to feel right and smell right to you.’

Like many children, Natalie Mitchell grew up concocting her own potions.

Her first involved ‘soaking hand picked lavender and rose petals to make my own floral waters.’

Unlike many kids, this was not a phase. As she grew up, Natalie’s knowledge matured and deepened: ‘I initially studied herbalism and plant chemistry with the intention of becoming a Naturopath. I have always used herbal medicine and love the potency and efficacy of natural remedies.’

Connecting with the Past

‘I love that I can blend arnica and rosemary for sore muscles and inflammation, and make a balm that fixes itches and insect bites, and blend perfumes from precious oils. It connects me to the alchemists through the centuries – I am using the same oils that have been used for thousands of years.’

Lhami's creator, Natalie Mitchell

"I only use raw materials that are certified organic, fair trade and where I know the supply chain from harvest to my work bench."

A natural approach

Wherever possible, Natalie conducts her own particular kind of alchemy using organic products.

The Lhami Essential Oils Set features four blends to try:

  • Clarity made from peppermint, lavender, grapefruit and mandarin. Natalie says: ‘I love this one for focus and if I feel a bit tense or fatigued. It’s excellent as a mid afternoon pep-me-up.’
  • Relax made from sweet orange and grapefruit balanced with calming jasmine, lavender, chamomile & frankincense
  • Refresh made from lemon, grapefruit and bergamot balanced by geranium and a hint of rosemary. Natalie comments that ‘this is a lovely happy oil, perfect to lift your spirits and freshen the air.’
  • Calm is a ‘super grounding blend’ made from ylang ylang, patchouli, neroli, jasmine and vanilla.

Natalie can trace the different influences that have drawn her towards  natural remedies and ultimately, setting up Lhami. ‘I was very inspired by my grandmothers, who were both passionate about natural health. Oma trained as a chemist in Holland, and Nanna started one of WA’s first health food stores. Inspiration for my products has come from all over the world, especially Scandinavia where I lived for many years. I also spent a lot of time in the Pacific Islands.’ Her interest also took her to Sydney, to study with the head chemist of a leading cosmetic company from France, and a Tibetan Lama, whose ethos of calm and mindfulness is also infused with Natalie’s brand.

Blending Lhami with Life

In the present, life for Natalie centres around her family and their property on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Natalie’s routine is tailored around it. ‘I wait til the boys have left for school…then action stations! I only have school hours to work, as my youngest son Gabe is on the autism spectrum, and needs my attention 100% of the time when he is home. So when I am alone, I have to be very efficient with my time. First job, pack orders. Then I will make a batch of something, make sure the shelves are stocked, answer emails, update my accounting, and the job I now find extremely tedious…sticking labels on. Thanks goodness for podcasts, that gets me through’

Looking into the Future

And plans for the future? ‘I really need a retail space with a day spa, I already have notebooks filled with my plans for this! I’m also about to enter the Asian market, which is exciting. It’s managing that fine line between being able to manage it all on site and going to the next level where everything has to be made in a factory. I’m not sure that’s what I want, I don’t think the increase in income is worth the trade off in time/stress and the loss of what I believe makes Lhami special, which is that every batch is hand made with love and care in a beautiful environment!’

Natalie’s philosophy reflects the way we are connected with the earth. ‘Stay away from chemicals! If you only use natural, biodegradable products you can’t go wrong. Buy wholefoods in bulk, grow and make whatever you can yourself. Keep it simple.’

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