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When life gets complicated, seemingly small things can make a big difference.

Milk and Love is an online store for mums-to-be and new mums selling gorgeous ethical maternity wear made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Milk and Love’s founder, Corryn Barakat understands that natural fabrics can make a huge difference to comfort during and after pregnancy.

“The breath-ability and absorption performance of natural fabrics is incredibly important when your body temperature is fluctuating and you’re breastfeeding,”


"I wanted to support new mums and do something that could help them feel fabulous and more confident breastfeeding in public. Milk and Love was it.”

Supporting New Mums

Corryn set up the brand when her firstborn was only 12 months old. She wanted to support mums and mums-to-be after her own difficulties in finding maternity wear. “I had a rocky start to motherhood with a sensitive bub and moving house. I couldn’t find any breastfeeding friendly clothes I wanted to wear, much less clothes made with natural fabrics that were easy to breastfeed in.”

Each Journey is Different

For Corryn, “every baby and every mother is completely different, and on their own journey. There is no point in comparing, or wasting time judging, just be kind to each other and, most importantly, be kind to yourself. We know how hard and busy new mums and mums-to-be are and we really want to help them find something that makes them feel amazing, that they will want to wear all the time, that will be their go-to maternity dress or breastfeeding top!”

Milk and Love chooses designs that flatter bodies with new curves and offers professional, as well as casual wear.

The results are niftily stylish.

Designs such as the Zahra maternity and breastfeeding dress are made from 95% bamboo. The front panel gives a mum access to the breastfeeding opening from either side of the dress.  Although clothing is a specialty, Milk and Love also curates gift boxes for mums and gifts for baby showers. The products range from teething rings to self-care items for mum.

maternity wear


Corryn has worked hard to ensure Milk and Love fulfils its vision, despite some difficulty in sourcing supplies. “The biggest challenge is finding suppliers that make good quality clothes with natural fabrics and in ethical workplaces. We handpick the styles we stock to make sure they are stylish, flattering and easy to breastfeed in.

They also need to be discreet and easy to wash.

“It’s a “a tall order,” says Corryn. “Most of our styles are ordered months and months and months in advance – it’s the total opposite of ‘fast fashion’.” But thankfully, things are getting a bit easier.

“We are finding that there are more and more brands on the market are offering high quality, ethically made clothes these days, which is fabulous.”

Creating Community Through Milk and Love

Above all, Corryn is proud that Milk and Love is more than maternity wear and gifts – “Our community is amazing. We have some beautiful women that have been customers of ours since we started, which really warms my heart.” Community comes partly from sharing stories and advice.

The Milk and Love website features a blog and sends out a newsletter. Corryn is thrilled “when members of our community tell me that they read my email newsletter every week… all the way down to the bottom.

It’s lovely to know that my weekly letters are uplifting and inspiring mums – it makes me feel that we’re really accomplishing our mission.”

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