It’s Time For A Change

Kira Simpson

A change has been coming for a little while and now it’s time to share it with you.

A few months ago I came to the sad realisation the shop portion of The Green Hub was not working and I needed to close it down.

I had this grand vision of creating an online marketplace, a one stop shop with your daily needs all in the one place.

But, it didn’t quite work out that way.

I started a business with no fashion, retail or business experience and working in the e-commerce space brought it’s own set of challenges.

After nine months I had to make the choice whether to keep going and hope we grew faster, or let the shop go and focus my energies on other areas of the business which were working well.

The hardest part of running a business is knowing when it’s time to let go and move on, especially when you’ve invested so much time, money and love.

Choosing to abandon something I have poured my heart into for the last nine months is incredibly difficult but ultimately, the right choice for me, our vendors and The Green Hub.

But, there is a positive.

Creating content, sharing stories and finding amazing new brands is what I love and do best. Learning about and promoting the incredible, inspiring people behind the brands is my favourite part of this business so moving forward, that’s what I will continue to do.

Late April The Green Hub is launching a brand new site created by the very talented team at Pixel Palace. Don’t worry, we’ll still be pink!

On the new platform we will create editorial content, build a database of brands from around the world and share information to help you live a little more sustainably, in a way that fits with your urban lifestyle.

Living greener and buying ethical fashion does not have to be about wearing hemp sacks and growing your own food. It’s about making lifestyle choices that are kinder to people and the planet and we’re here to help.

I am so excited for this new adventure and looking forward to bringing you along with us!

Kira xx

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is a sustainability advocate, climate optimist and founder, and editor of The Green Hub. Her own sustainable living journey began five years ago when she realised our choices matter. What we eat, where we shop, what we wear, how we live, these choices have the power to shape the kind of world we want to live in. Since launching The Green Hub in 2016 she has grown the blog to become a platform for sustainable fashion and conscious living helping people make lifestyle choices which are kinder to the planet.