Why You Should Be Using Natural Deodorant

Kira Simpson

Black Chicken’s Axilla Deoderant Paste is a best seller in nearly every natural and organic beauty store. I’ve been using it myself for close to two years and recently persuaded Dave away from his favourite spray deodorant to try it out as well. Fortunately he likes it!

It’s a strange concept smearing paste under your arms, and one which takes a little getting used to. I’ve had to learn to not touch my clothes before I’ve washed the paste off my hands and also because it’s not an antiperspirant, you will still sweat, as you should.

Unusual application aside, it’s the best natural deodorant I have used and even when new products land on my desk to trial, I keep going back to Black Chicken as my everyday deodorant.

Why you should be using a natural deodorant

Most mainstream deodorants are formulated with aluminium based compounds and these compounds form a temporary “plug” within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface and prevent the release of perspiration.

They also contain parabens which are a type of preservative known to mimic estrogen in the bodies cells, synthetic chemicals such as Propylene Glycol, commonly found in antifreeze and Triclosans which are bad for the environment and can contain sulfates and skin stripping detergents. All the things you do not want to be putting under your arms.

How the Axilla Paste works

“The Axilla Deodorant Paste contains natural ingredients rich in lipids and fatty acids (essential for healthy cells) that actually strengthen your sensitive skin. That means it helps to improve your skin’s ability to protect it from things that may cause irritation. We’ve also removed the bi-carb soda and replaced it with remedies that neutralise odour, absorb moisture and replenish skin tissue.”

The facts:

• Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients
• Does not contain harmful Aluminium Salts or compounds
• Is completely invisible upon application
• Does not contain synthetic fragrances
• Contains pure essential oils and botanical extracts
• Does not contain alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosans or other harmful chemicals
• Vegan friendly and not tested on animals
• Made with love in Australia

You can find more information and shop the Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste here.

This story was sponsored by Black Chicken, all opinions are of course, our own.

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is a sustainability advocate, climate optimist and founder, and editor of The Green Hub. Her own sustainable living journey began five years ago when she realised our choices matter. What we eat, where we shop, what we wear, how we live, these choices have the power to shape the kind of world we want to live in. Since launching The Green Hub in 2016 she has grown the blog to become a platform for sustainable fashion and conscious living helping people make lifestyle choices which are kinder to the planet.