The NZ Ethical Handbag Brand You Should Know + Giveaway

Kira Simpson

New Zealand ethical handbag brand Duffle & Co. has just unveiled their latest collection, and it’s all kinds of gorgeous.

The Duffle & Co. story began in 2015 with 100 bags, founded on the principles of transparency, supporting communities and nurturing the art of craftmanship.

The collection includes beautifully crafted leather pieces such as the Rose Crossbody (right) pouches made from vegan-friendly Piñatex, and cotton canvas duffle bags, perfect for travel.

ethical handbags

"We believe you should be able to buy remarkable products that look good and do good too."

ethical handbags

ethical handbags

ethical handbags

Humble beginnings

From a fulfillment “center” underneath co-founder Danny’s bed, followed by his laundry, then a friends garage, the B.Corp Certified company has since grown to become a thriving business working with a small workshop in Bali run by a family run micro business, which through Duffle & Co.’s support now employs twenty craftsmen and their families.

“We believe in investing in the wellbeing of our craftsmen. Those working in our shop earn up to 3x the average Indonesian wage, ensuring that they can look after their families and invest in their own future.”

Giving Back

Duffle & Co. are all about making a difference with every purchase so they have partnered with the Eden Project, a reforestation project. With each bag sold they plant ten mangrove trees in Indonesia to help with local biodiversity.

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Mindful Consumption

With a mantra of ‘buy-less-choose-well,’ Duffle & Co. are very much aware of the impact overconsumption in the fashion industry is having on the planet. So they create well-made bags designed as capsule collections, minimal on the outside but functional on the inside. Intended to be worn and loved for a lifetime. They don’t use mass production lines, each piece is carefully handcrafted, and every stitch checked to ensure durability and longevity.

“As a brand, we are looking to inspire and encourage others about the power of conscious consumption. Every time we make a purchase we make decisions around how we impact others, our communities, and the planet. Being mindful in our consumption allows us to exercise compassion, be more authentic and shows we are taking responsibility for the way we operate” 

ethical handbags
ethical handbags

Circular economy

Firm believers in a circular fashion economy, the Duffle & Co. team are making moves towards a full circular supply chain and zero waste production. So far they’ve achieved reusable and biodegradable packaging and reduced material waste to less than 10%. Next, they plan to launch their up and coming circular economy initiative, which will go live at the end of this month

To invest in your own Duffle & Co. piece, shop the collection here.

Win the Rose Crossbody

The beautiful Rose Crossbody could be yours. Head over to this Instagram post to enter!

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