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The Story

Amilita is a women’s clothing label launched in 2007, inspired by the freedom and spirit of modern Bohemianism created by Sara von Trzcinski.

After recently being faced with the harsh reality of all the nasties of the fashion industry, whist pregnant with her first child, Sara decided to steer the label into new cleaner, kinder direction. Amilita is now an ethically produced label that only uses fabrics that are kinder on Mother Nature.

“Watching ‘The true cost’ documentary was the turning point. Seeing the utter trauma of some of the workers in the garment industry worldwide was a complete turning point. Not to mention the devastation to the planet! I feel had more people seen this they would think twice about their $25 fast fashion choices.”    Sara von Trzcinski

‘Phoenix Rising’ is the debut collection of this new chapter for Amilita. The collection comprises of eco friendly fabrics –

LENZING VISCOSE- A wood based fiber, where the various chemical and waste products, which result from the production process, are recycled or sold.

TENCEL- A sustainably grown wood based material where almost 100% of the

solvents used in the production process are reused in the closed loop production procedure.

ORGANIC COTTON- Crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and

Genetically Modified Organisms. Therefor not harmful for all involved in the production process and the consumer. Organic Cotton uses less water too.

All garments are now lovingly hand sewed in a small ethically accredited factory in India. Our new team over there is GOTS and SEDEX Certified and work to the ETL Standard, so we can rest assured our makers are being well looked after.

Because as far as we’re concerned feel good fashion is the only kind.

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