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Grace & Able

  • Cruelty free
  • Ethically made
  • Handmade

The Story

Grace & Able is a social enterprise that aims to eradicate poverty one purchase of handmade jewellery at a time. As a jewellery and accessories based social enterprise, we are equipping, enabling and empowering the lives of our marginalised artisans through business.

Through this model (business as an agent for change), Grace & Able is creating a hand up and not a hand out.

I work directly with the artisans in the developing countries like Uganda, Kenya and Sri Lanka to provide quality, contemporary, stylish jewellery at fair and affordable prices. Through the purchase of our jewellery, you create a marketplace and demand for their work and provide an income which in turn keeps children in education and families together. I then work with the artisans providing business development training and help them learn skills like reading, financial planning and management, leadership skills and as well as introducing health and nutrition next year.

One cruel and often overlooked consequence of poverty is the suppression of story.

Poverty robs one not only of financial wealth, but of opportunity. And not just opportunity for employment and education, but opportunity to share one’s own story. To share oneself. Poverty can smother out an individual’s voice. Keeping them entrapped in cycles of powerlessness and shame and self-worthlessness.

I have long held issue with the quote about ‘giving voice to the voiceless’ because the more I listen, the more I understand; no one is truly voiceless. Everyone has the voice to tell their own story, it’s just that they haven’t had opportunity to be heard. So I like to say that Grace & Able is simply their stage, giving their voice to the world.

Ethical Business is a powerful way of helping to change someone’s story.

From debt, poverty and despair to hope, education and a bright future; ethical trade provides the opportunity to see someone treated and paid fairly for the work they carry out. Ethical trade counters greed with grace. Trade that treats all involved fairly without any bulling for profit.

So while jewellery and accessories are the chosen platform Grace & Able uses to advocate, it’s not all that Grace & Able is about. It is truly about the artisans, creating opportunity for them to have a brighter, fairer future. It is about carving paths out of poverty.  It is about sharing grace forward. It is about hearing the stories that go with every piece, every person involved in Grace & Able.

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