Happi Earth

  • Gives Back
  • Organic
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

The Story

Happi is a certified organic laundry liquid that is revolutionising the cleaning industry in a big way.

Happi comes in paper refill pouches with a stainless steel refillable bottle to replace the unnecessary plastic and chemicals commonly used in most laundry products. By re-using the same bottle and refilling with pouches made from 99% paper, every Happi purchase eliminates 13 plastic laundry bottles from our environment each year, per household.

The revolutionary Happi formula is making a stand with a 100% concentrate, made from powerful natural ingredients. As it’s a concentrate, just one 1L Happi refill pouch will last 400 washes. You can now get an entire year’s supply of laundry liquid in the one purchase and help put an end to unnecessary plastic pollution that is causing devastating effects to our oceans and land.

Our underlying purpose at Happi is to help restore and replant vital ecosystems throughout the world.

We are proud to be collaborating with Arne Fjortoft and his team at the Worldview International Foundation with whom we have named a previously damaged mangrove area in Myanmar the Happi Forest, where we have commenced its regeneration by planting mangrove trees.

When you buy a pouch of certified-organic, all-natural Happi Earth laundry liquid, you’re literally collaborating with us to regenerate the planet. Join the #happiearth movement today and help make our earth a happier place!

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