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Mama Maya

  • Certified Organic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically made

The Story

For Robyn Jones, the sobering fact that every two minutes a woman dies during childbirth and 99% of these cases occurred in the developing world, was enough to set her heart on fire.

Robyn set out on a mission to make a difference through her brand, Mama Maya, in generating awareness of maternal health around the world.

Her goal – to contribute to raising the standards of healthcare for all women experiencing childbirth, regardless of geographic location, and to ensure a safe delivery for both mother and child.

As a mother herself, Robyn is all too familiar with the consumerist mindset that can take over upon the arrival of a newborn.

Parents only want the best for their child but sometimes, this mindset comes to the detriment of the environment. Most products created for young children have a short life span, hardly get used or are cheaply manufactured so they simply don’t last the test of time. After all, babies are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Through Mama Maya, she is able to create products that follow a higher ethical standard, are durable and practical.

At the heart of the Mama Maya message is fair trade, ethical manufacturing and using safe, organic materials that don’t harm the health of your child.

The star of their product line is the organic cotton muslin baby swaddling blankets. Soft, breathable and comfortable for both mother and child, the swaddling blanket is guaranteed to become one of your most utilised items during maternity.

For each blanket purchase, Mama Maya contributes a clean birthing kit and caregiver training to another mama in a developing region so they too can experience a safer and cleaner childbirth.

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