10 Ethical & Sustainable Pyjamas You’ll Want To Wear All Day

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Do you lounge in your PJs on Sunday mornings, or hop straight into them on Friday afternoons?

Guilty as charged.

The most sustainable sleepwear option would be to go butt naked.

But if you get cold in winter or have housemates who don’t want to see your cheeks, here are some options for ethical sleepwear and pyjamas.

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ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas

Eight Hour Studio

Style: Nightdresses, shorts, tops, and trousers.

If you’re caught at the front door in your Eight Hour Studio PJ set, chances are your guests won’t even notice! Their organic cotton range is to die for, and free shipping within Australia makes it even better. Eight Hour Studio has designed beautiful loungewear and sleepwear, hand block printed, and made ethically in India.


Style: Unisex robes, singlets and lounge pants

Fancy wrapping yourself up in a robe, and cosying up on the couch with a cuppa? Bhumi Organic offers a robe you and your partner will fight over. It’s made of 100% organic cotton, complete with a hood, perfect for crawling into on days when the world is too much to handle.

ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas


Style: Robes, baggy sleep shirts, pants, and cardigans.

Throughout their design, production, shipping, and packaging, Coyuchi strives to reduce its waste and impact on the planet. They believe every drop matters and only work with factories who agree. For example, the water used in the dying process is 100% recycled. The excess residue is used as a raw material to make cement just down the road. Coyuchi’s apparel (they also do sheets and bedding) includes waffles robes, eye masks, plaid pants, and dreamy cardigans.

Elkie and Ark

Style: Shorts and robes.

Bed-to-beach linen shorts? Don’t mind if I do… Elkie and Ark’s small linen collection is perfect for multifunctional living. If you live a beachy lifestyle or want to pack light on holiday, Elkie and Ark’s linen shorts are ideal for you.

Getting your 8 hours (or even just six will do!) rest is essential to tackle the day and feeling comfy while you sleep crucial. If wearing your boyfriend’s old t-shirts doesn’t cut it, these sustainably made options help your conscience feel good too.

ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas

People Tree

Style: Printed tops, bottoms, sets, and nighties.

Cat prints on your PJ sets… need I say more? People Tree have created a playful range of sleepwear, ranging from star prints to stripes and cats. Their shorts and pants can be mixed and matched, or choose to stick to a set. They’re the perfect balance between comfort and femininity.


Style: Pants, shorts, and robes.

Have you heard of Punjammies? Now you have! Punjammies are colourful PJ and lounging pants known for their bold designs and made by women who’ve escaped the sex trade in India. Punjammies can be worn in the bedroom or at the beach. They’re also offered in a capri or short style, and paired with gorgeous robes to match.

ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas

Bamboo Body

Style: Casual dresses, tops, tanks, and shorts. Maternity friendly.

If you’re after a basic and sweet set that feels divine on your skin, Bamboo Body is for you. Drown in soft greys and pinks, made from bamboo and cotton. The fabric is produced in closed-loop systems to protect the planet and people.


Style: Tops, bottoms, and nighties.

Noctu is one of the world’s top sustainable sleepwear companies for both men and women. Their minimalistic designs and simplicity, mean Noctu has something for everyone. Noctu sleepwear is GOTS, and Fair Trade certified, and timeless so you’ll have them forever. The two sisters behind Noctu continue to ensure all processes in their factories align with their passion for women empowerment and environment preservation.

ethical sleep pyjamas
ethical sleep pyjamas

Azura Bay

Style: Rompers, robes, tanks, socks, leggings, sets, and lacy two-pieces.

Azura Bay has curated a one-stop-shop for all lounging, undergarment, and bedtime attire. Every brand they stock believes in the fair treatment of workers, and the sustainability of fabrics and design. You’ll find both sexy and practical.


Style: Classy sets, nighties, and nursing-friendly tops.

Perhaps the most sophisticated sleepwear on the block, Moonbird offer sets and separates which are made sustainably from seed to garment. They use the fabric offcuts to make children’s PJs and are proud to be B Corp Certified. The garments are made from certified organic cotton and designed to last forever. Moonbird provides sleepwear for the men in your life too!

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