4 Easy Wellness Tricks To Slot Into Your Daily Routine

The Green Hub

Saying goodbye to technology, sometimes.

Every morning I used to wake up and reach for my mobile. My first act of every day was to cast my eyes over social media updates and emails. Instead, I make a coffee and stare out the window, pat my dogs, or have a chat with my partner. Similarly, at night I’d often go to bed aiming to read a book but instead watch Netflix or scroll through endless photos on Instagram. For me, it’s a modern day addiction that needs management. At the top and tail end of each day, I try and go without it. I’m getting some control back.

Attempting to eat mindfully

I’m planing meals a little in advance to make sure I’m getting adequate nutrition. And I’m cutting out a few nasties that never make me feel well, such as too much dried fruit and dairy. Limiting caffeine to a very reasonable two per day is doing wonders for my overall energy.

Balancing my workouts

I’m mixing it up with walks, yoga and light resistance training. If I can only squeeze in half an hour, I’ve stopped beating myself up about it. The most important thing for results, I’m noticing, is how invigorated and inspired I feel during and after the workout.

Incorporating more rest

There is a kind of magic that comes when you surrender to tiredness and allow yourself a nap. The Spanish have been onto siestas for a long time now; maybe it’s something the rest of the overworked world needs to emulate. If I don’t feel like napping, I put my legs up the wall for a few minutes for a stretch or lie on the floor with a pillow under my knees and head and just breathe deeply for a while.

Image source: Kiara King – Lion in the Wild