15 Ethical Clothing Brands Made in Australia

Olivia Burton

In a world full of fast fashion, it’s easy to see how we don’t pay attention to where our clothes are made.

Australia is a major fashion disaster, with six tonnes of textiles added to landfill in Australia every 10 minutes.

We do however have the option to turn it all around. Australia is filled to the brim with talented and innovative designers, manufacturers, growers, and brands.

Fashion brands ethically and sustainably made in Australia do exist, and it’s time to show these labels some love….and step away from Zara.

Image Jillian Boustred

Ethical Sustainable Australian Made Clothing Brands

Remember, the most ethical and environmentally responsible thing you can do is keep an item and wear it long term (no matter where it was made).

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

1. The Social Outfit

The Social Outfit not only makes beautiful, environmentally responsible, high-quality, and ethical clothes in Australia, they are a registered charity that provides employment and training to people from refugee communities.

Every product is handmade in Sydney studios and made to order to reduce fabric waste. They are well known for their bold prints.

‘Since 2014 we have created ethical employment for 38 for people from refugee and new migrant backgrounds, paying over $710,000 for over 35,000 labour hours worked. For 33

Clothing the Gap Indigenous Australian Fashion

2. Clothing The Gap

Clothing The Gaps is an Aboriginal-owned, Victorian-based, streetwear label that also happens to be a social enterprise.

Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, the brand sells gender-neutral, quality clothing to fund and support Clothing The Gaps Foundation. Items are screen-printed by local artists.

‘We use our brand and platform to campaign, educate and elevate Aboriginal peoples voices and causes.’

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

3. Nobody Denim

One of Australia’s coolest denim brands that is made from Australian-grown cotton, Nobody Denim.

Made in Melbourne, this brand uses sustainably certified manufacturing, with innovative practices such as FIBRETRACE™, which allows full traceability of garments.

“It’s really important to us that the people who work with us are treated fairly and that what we do is transparent for our customer – so that they can feel proud of what they’re wearing the same way we feel proud to put in on the shelves.”


Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

4. Arnsdorf

Melbourne-based, modern womenswear brand Arnsdorf, has B Corp certification and accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia so all the hard work has been done for you.

All garments have been designed, cut, sewn, and finished in Collingwood, Melbourne. They are also dedicated to full transparency, with each product page highlighting the individual costs at each step.

‘We believe that this level of transparency takes consumers one step closer towards understanding the real cost of the clothing you wear.’

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

5. Jillian Boustred

This luxury womenswear brand, Jillian Boustred, have been making 90% of its garments in Chippendale, Sydney since 2015 (you can even pop by their studio – [email protected]).

They make quintessentially Australian pieces that are timeless and sustainable, think beautiful linen dresses and tailored trench coats.

“At Jillian Boustred sustainability and ethical production are both factors we strive for daily.”


Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

6. Denimsmith

High-quality denim brand Denimsmith, is handmade in Melbourne and was founded by a team of veteran Australian designers and makers committed to ethical production.

With options for men and women, the brand makes affordable, timeless, and sustainable pieces to treasure forever.

“As a family business, we’d love to meet you in person and invite you to experience our collection in our Fitzroy store or studio + factory + store in Brunswick East, where you can also observe our skilled team in action.”

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands


Western Australian based womenswear brand ILKA, was founded by two Australian designers in their hometown of Perth.

The accredited (Ethical Clothing Australia) brand focuses on functional pieces with an edge, and even has a bridesmaid collection!

“The duo behind ILKA – Erin Taylor and Kate Wilks, met while studying fashion design in Perth, Western Australia. These two go getters are dedicated to their cause, by not only designing their pieces but also get their hands dirty (so to speak) by sewing, pattern making and putting the finishing touches on select styles in their Mount Hawthorn studio.”

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

8. MAARA Collective

Led by Yuwaalaraay Creative Director Julie Shaw, MAARA Collective is a luxury resort wear brand, that collaborates with Indigenous designers to make limited, beautiful collections that are made in Australia from innovative fabrics such as lyocell.

Every product purchased also gives back to support digital training and education in remote Aboriginal communities.

‘We work closely with Indigenous artists and creatives, drawing inspiration from Country to present within the context of contemporary fashion.’

Ethical Australian Made Clothing

9. Good Studios

The small clothing and homewares label, Good Studios, focuses on hemp textiles that are designed and made in Australia, with a circular model.

The collections are small batches of trans-seasonal pieces, made from sustainable fabrics (such as Australian wool) and eco dyes.

“We follow a simple timeless colour palette of neutrals, naturals, and monochromatics perfect for layering with seasonal celebrations of colour, designed with the circular life of the garment in mind.”

Ethical Australian Made Clothing

10. Cue

The first Cue store opened in 1968 in Sydney, pioneering Australian fashion.

By 2009, Cue was the largest local manufacturer of fashion in Australia and in 2021, still going strong and supporting the local industry.

The brand is Australia’s go-to label found on the high-street and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Ethical Australian Made Clothing

11. Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine is Cue’s slightly trendier cousin, with sleek sophisticated designs and the same accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia.

The brand’s items are (mainly) made in Australia, with an option to specifically select Australian Made only clothing when purchasing online here.


Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

12. Citizen wolf

Looking for the perfect ethical and well-fitting tee made in Australia?

Look no further than Sydney-based brand, Citizen Wolf. The garments are carbon NEGATIVE, yes you heard that correctly (find out more), and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

“Citizen Wolf re-engineers the way clothes are made at scale to be carbon negative and custom fit to every body.”


Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

13. Justice Denim

Justice Denim is not only made in ethically in Melbourne, Australia with a zero-waste model, every pair funds one month of life-changing education.

Items have a tiny footprint, are ethically accredited, vegan and look damn good.

“Every single item of clothing you buy impacts the life of a person, most likely a woman, somewhere in the world. It is important to us that every thread, zip, button and stitch in our supply chain does no harm and brings life to everyone that touches it.”

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

14. Manning Cartell

Designer brand Manning Cartell is an ethical womenswear brand focused on creativity, inclusivity and joy, with an exclusive selection of clothing made in Australia (and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia).

Their pieces are high-end, luxury and beautifully crafted.

“Our purpose is to inspire women through considered design that is sustainable and supportive of our local communities.”

Ethical Australian Made Clothing Brands

15. A.BCH

A.BCH is a circular fashion brand for men and women, that offer clean-cut, tailored, local pieces in high-quality, sustainable fabrics.

Fabrics are mainly ethically sourced internationally, however clothing is manufactured predominately in Melbourne, Australia. They are also transforming the lifecycle of garments, ensuring that items can be returned to re-use or recycled.

“A.BCH is a circular fashion label offering a simple solution to a complex problem. The fashion industry is a major contributor to global air and water pollution, obscene wastage, human and animal exploitation – and that’s just the tip of the unethical iceberg. A.BCH is working to a circular economy standard, even though the rest of the industry has a lot of catching up to do.”

Olivia Burton

Olivia is an eco-writer, producer, science graduate & ocean enthusiast. After moving from London to Sydney, she found her love for the outdoors and recycled textiles, which led her to start writing about science and sustainable fashion. Olivia is really passionate about brands using fashion for good and innovation in the industry. She now splits her time between several not-for-profit organisations in communication roles. Olivia is also a Centre for Sustainability Leadership alumni and sits on the Fashion Revolution committee for Australia & New Zealand.