16 Ethical & Sustainable Activewear Brands That are Practical and Stylish

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Well made activewear is a wardrobe staple and the great news is in the ethical workout gear space, we’re spoilt for choice.

Whether you need high-performance activewear to help you run a marathon or leggings that pass the squat test for your next yoga class or weights session, there’s a conscious brand out there for you.

Here are our picks for the best ethical and sustainable activewear brands that are practical and stylish.

Image via Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective ethical sustainable activewear
ethical activewear brands

Girlfriend Collective

I’ve seen women obsess over Girlfriend leggings like cats over catnip. Girlfriend Collective don’t merely produce one of the world’s most coveted leggings; they’re passionate about creating a community of people who care about the creation of their clothes from start to finish.

Dharma Bums

Born to be worn, Dharma Bums’ range is so extensive; they’ll have what you need. You’ll find activewear sets in all lengths, styles, and sizes, made from recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics.

Mr. Timbuktu

Want to work out in recycled fishing nets? It’s more fabulous than it sounds. Mr. Timbuktu uses recycled plastic fabrics, and work with small family businesses who pride themselves on fairtrade and ethical production. Plus, these guys have ‘tech jackets’ you’ll do more than work out in.


Designed for self-expression and girls who love a good sweat. Nimble donate $1 of every purchase to I=Change, an organisation that runs different initiatives to help empower women globally. They also have a deep green activewear set that I could happily die in…

ethical activewear brands

Bruce Apparel

Guys, you haven’t been left out. Bruce has made sure you have activewear that looks good, feels good, and IS good for the planet. Don’t worry; you won’t be running around in ladies leggings; Bruce has recycled plastic shorts and t-shirts for you to rock in the streets or at the gym.

Bay Active

Basics, activewear, and yoga clothing; Bay Active have designed a beautiful range that incorporates organic cotton, merino, econyl, and bamboo. Every purchase helps to lift someone out of poverty, using their buy-one-give-one scheme.

Pink Punk Active

Pink Punk Active had me at ‘lightweight and cooling properties.’ Catering for women sizes 4 to 18 (can I get a HECK YES!), their colourful collections will mean you will never again experience fear of matching the chick on the treadmill next to you.

DK Active

Last year, DK Active generated more electricity than they used! DK Active have taken environmental responsibility to the next level. Shop here for both you and the man in your life.

ethical activewear brands

Elle Evans

A personal favourite (I worked out in their activewear this morning), Elle Evans activewear is made with love in Melbourne. Their prints are always original, and inspiring enough to get you off your tush and into the gym.


If you don’t know Patagonia: have you been living under a rock? Patagonia is arguably the world’s leading eco-friendly outdoor company. Their activewear is worn across the globe on adventurers climbing mountains, kayakers drifting through streams, and yogis on the beach (guilty as charged).


Not perfect (is anyone really?), but definitely trying their best, Kathmandu is leading the way in mainstream sustainable activewear. If you’re worried about buying online, Kathmandu is the perfect solution for you.

Active Apostle

New on the ‘eco activewear’ block, Active Apostle care deeply about their supply chain, and forming a team of conscious ‘Active Apostles.’ They’re leading the way towards a more sustainable workout, and holistically conscious lifestyle.


Pockets in your leggings. Who would say no to that? Naja easily has the most recognisable and gorgeous sports bras, which double as bikini tops too. If you can’t help but workout in style, the phone is ringing, Naja is calling, and it’s for you.

Salty Sea

Salty Sea exudes Calvin Klein vibes (minus the exploitation of workers and unsustainable fabrics) with their bold brand name printed on the activewear elastic band. The sports tops include removable padding and seamless necklines for a comfy workout and flattering fit.


Hey yogis; WE-AR is worth adding to your ‘favourites’ toolbar. Ethically made with sustainable materials, of course, WE-AR is for the people, for the planet, and community.

Bon Label

Tights are all you’ll find here, but don’t let that stop you. They’re made with compression fabric that doesn’t stretch after wear or get saggy in the wash. Plus, rumour has it, the ‘Bon Label’ print is strategically placed to elongate your thigh. Thoughtful thinking!

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