16 of Our Favourite Sustainable & Conscious Shoe Brands

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Finding a great pair of shoes that ticks all the boxes – comfortable, functional, sustainable – is no easy feat (see what I did there). But we’ve managed to find a few pairs.

From iconic RM Williams boots to the perfect Australian-made summer sandals, here are some of the best ethical and sustainable shoe brands worth investing in.

Bookmark this page and use it as a guide for the next time you’re in need of a new pair.


Sustainable Shoes Heels Sneakers Brands Australia 2023
Allbirds Sustainable Shoes Australia
Birkenstock Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Nisolo Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023


Style: Sneakers and slip ons

Allbirds is a certified B Corp and carbon-neutral business, and they use 75% sustainably sourced natural and recycled materials. They’ve also mapped 100% of their Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers mapped, with a goal to map 100% of their supply chain by 2025. Shop here


Style: Sandals and slides

A favourite of the eco-conscious set and just about everyone these days, Birkenstocks are manufactured in Germany using leather and vegan materials. Designed for comfort, durability, and longevity, your Birkenstocks will be with you for a long time. Shop here


Style: Shoes of all styles for both men and women

Nisolo walk their talk with a sustainability framework that ensures 100% living wages for their artisans, 0% Net Carbon through reduction and offsetting, and transparency and accountability through third-party certifications. Shop here

RM Williams Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
St Agni Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Veja Sustainable Sneakers Australia 2023

RM Williams

Style: Boots

The iconic Australian brand has been making their boots in a factory in Adelaide since 1932. Made from a single piece of leather so there’s little waste, the sustainable boots are designed to last a lifetime. Shop here

St. Agni

Style: Slides, sandals, loafers, and heels

This Australian brand designs with longevity in mind, creating those timeless styles that will be a fixture in your wardrobe. They have certifications from BSCI, SMETA, and Ethical Clothing Australia and continue to work on the transparency of their supply chain. Shop here


Style: Sneakers

This French footwear brand has a cult following and is known for its sustainable practices. Fairtrade-certified Veja manufacture and sources its materials in Brazil, experimenting with recycled and bio-materials. One in four pairs of Veja sneakers is vegan.  Shop here

Nelson Made Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Stella McCartney Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Sezane Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023

Nelson Made

Style: Heels and sandals

This Australian brand makes their sandals locally in Melbourne in their solar-powered studio and their more complex styles in a Qualspec-certified factory in China. They focus on durability and wearability, so you know you’ll be wearing your favourite sandals for many years to come. Shop Here

Stella McCartney

Style: Heels, sneakers, and flats

The pioneer of vegan and bio leather, Stella McCartney has long been at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement. They are committed to animal welfare as well as creating innovative materials that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment. Shop Here


Style: Heels, flats, and boot

This French fashion brand is B-corp certified, and they have an internal “Green Team” dedicated to improving their environmental impact. 61% of their shoes are made using vegetable-tanned leather, and they use renewable energy in their factories.  Shop Here

Christy Dawn Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Cariuma sustainable womens sneakers
Reformation Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023

Christy Dawn

Style: Sandals, boots, and oxfords

This California brand, best known for its whimsical dresses, also creates vintage-inspired sandals and boots. Each pair is handmade by artisans in Los Angeles using sustainably sourced upcycled leather that only gets better with age. Shop Here


Style: Sneakers

Cariuma makes the most comfortable sustainable women’s shoes using materials like Fairtrade cotton canvas, OEKO-TEX-certified bamboo, and responsibly sourced rubber. Plus, they keep their carbon footprint low by offsetting 100% of their emissions, from farming and manufacturing through to shipping. Shop here


Style: Heels, sandals, and slip ons

Refotamtiom shoes are made using leather certified by the Leather Working Group and some recycled materials with a tonne of information on their site about the materials and their impacts. Reformation is also climate-neutral with an aim to be climate positive by 2025. Shop Here

ABLE Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Rothys Ethical Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023
Teva Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023


Style: Heels, flats, boots. and sandals

Able works with at-risk women in Ethiopia, providing them with education and employment opportunities to help end generational poverty. Their shoe tanneries are part of the Leather Working Group, which follows strict environmental protections. Shop here


Style: Flats

The ultimate perfect fit and wear everywhere comfy flats. Rothys knitted shoes are made from post-consumer plastic waste using a special 3D knitting process. Durable and machine washable, these are designed to last. Shop here


Style: Sandals

The ultimate reliable sandal, Teva transitioned its iconic velcro straps to traceable recycled plastic yarn. Their leather is sourced from the Leather Working Group, and they have a range of vegan styles, and they’re seeking more sustainable and ethical alternatives for their materials. Shop Here

Twoobs Sustainable Shoes Australia 2023


Style: Sandals of all kinds

This Aussie fave makes the most comfortable shoes, and they care about people, animals, and the planet. Twoobs are 100% vegan, carbon neutral, and their people are paid a living wage with social insurance, meals and childcare as well as optional room and board. Shop Here


Sustainable Shoes Brands Australia

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