Is Your Weekly Mani Toxic? Tips For A New Natural Nail Routine

Natural & organic nail polish is the new black

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When adopting a more natural beauty regime, sometimes it can be hardest to give up cheap and convenient manicures and pedicures.

Most conventional nail polishes contain lots of nasties you don’t want on your fingernails.

We’re talking ingredients such as Formaldehyde (a carcinogen used to preserve dead things);  TPHP (a fire retardant in furniture and plastic hardener); and Toluene (made from petroleum or coal tar).

Sounding yuck? Here’s some ways to go natural on the nails.

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Find an eco-friendly salon in your area

Salons which use natural and non-toxic products are popping up more and more. Their manis and pedis can be more costly than those nail parlours on every street, but your money is going to a good cause: not supporting an industry that uses highly toxic cosmetics that ultimately damage the nail (not to mention our internal system) and forces you to breathe in some pretty dodgy chemicals. Shellac is out (the effect of the concentrated UV exposure alone hasn’t been adequately investigated), but on the upside, you’ll likely get a longer, more careful and relaxing mani/pedi at these more reputable, thoughtful salons.

Make it a luxury

If it’s too costly or not as convenient as your go-to cheap salon, get these more luxurious and chemical free manis and pedis for special occasions or when you need to look and feel your most put-together. The rest of the time do at-home nail treatments to keep them clean and reasonable (cutting, filing, buffing, exfoliating, cuticle oil, moisturiser, and optionally, a new coat of non-toxic polish).

Take your own natural nail polish to your regular salon

Most salons will accept using your byo polish with no questions. BUT if they do ask why or seem hesitant to use your natural polish, gently explain that you prefer to use your own brand. You might even spark a positive conversation about using natural beauty products!

Natural and organic nail polish brands we love

These guys are a part of the new wave of polish formulations that don’t contain the harmful ingredients commonly found in mainstream brands.

Image source: Kester Black

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