5 Sustainable Fashion Staples Every Woman Needs In Her Wardobe

Kira Simpson

There are some clothes which defy trends and become the much loved, hardworking staples in your wardrobe you wear time and time again.

The pieces you reach for daily and the ones which solve the all too common “I have nothing to wear” conundrum.

No matter how sustainably made a piece of clothing is, it’s not sustainable if you don’t wear it. Sustainable fashion starts with wearability.

Invest in your wardrobe basics and fill the gaps with less expensive (but still sustainable!) pieces and op shop and thrifted finds.

Once you have a solid set of basics and wardrobe staples, you’ll (almost) never have ‘nothing to wear’ again!

Image via Nobody Denim

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Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability educator. She started The Green Hub in 2015 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education platforms dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable life, talking about the big environmental issues like climate change, plastic pollution, and fast fashion – showing people how they can have an impact through their own small daily actions and how to be part of the bigger environmental movement.