16 Australian Sustainable Fashion Brands We Know You’ll Love

Kira Simpson

We’ve all been there, staring at a wardrobe bursting at the seams but feeling like we have nothing to wear. It’s the fast fashion paradox of our times, where the lifespan of our clothes is shorter than the latest TikTok trend.

But let’s pause for a minute and imagine a different story. A narrative where we see our clothes as something we invest in, love, wear, rewear, and mend over the years.

Having worked in the sustainability space since its infancy, I remember when our sustainable fashion options were limited to a few linen brands and basics in various shades of beige.

Image via Vege Threads

Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion

I’m stoked we’re spoilt for choice from designers prioritising people and the planet with their designs. Call me biased, but I think Australia is home to some of the best ethical and sustainable fashion brands in the world. 

And while there’s no such thing as 100% ethical and sustainable fashion, these brands are doing great work with transparent supply chains, using eco-friendly fabrics, and making lower-impact styles. 

When you’re ready to start investing in your slow fashion wardrobe, here is a non-exhaustive list of some of our favourite Australian brands.

Vege Threads Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion

Vege Threads

Your one-stop-shop for well-made basics you’ll reach for on the daily. This Melbourne-based label takes pride in crafting 100% of its clothing locally, nurturing a close connection with the makers. They’re all about natural fabrics – organic cotton, hemp, linen, and merino wool – using non-toxic ACO (Australian Certified Organic) dyes. With an impressive colour range of brights and neutrals, this slow fashion brand is one worth investing in.

Shop Vege Threads here


Australian-made since 2015, this Sydney-based brand offers classic designs that mix casual and chic effortlessly. Beyond the timeless aesthetic, Jillian Boustred is committed to sustainability. They work closely with their suppliers and factories, and each garment meticulously cut and sewn to reduce waste and ensure your favourite pieces will be with you for many years. 

Shop Jillian Boustred here

Auguste Ethical Sustainable Australian Fashion Brand 2024
Sister Studio Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion


For easy, breezy pieces you can take from the beach to the bar, this Byron Bay vintage-inspired brand is one you’ll reach for time and time again. They also have cute styles for little ones and teens with sets for those fun matching mummy and me moments. Auguste is all about transparency, working on their sharing their supply chain, using eco-friendly fabrics and, reducing their footprint, and sharing their journey as they go.

Shop August here


Another Melbourne local, Sister Studios is all about fun, flirty, and sustainable fashion, with a gentle nod to 90’s styles. Their collections are all made in Melbourne in Ethical Clothing Australia certified factories, with patterns designed to reduce textile waste. Sister Studios playful designs and vibrant prints prove that style and sustainability can joyfully coexist. 

Shop Sister Studios here

Unik Sustainable Australian Fashion Brands 2024
Collective Closets Ethical Australian Fashion brands 2024


With an aesthetic of effortless romantic dressing, this dreamy label is a must-have if you’re looking for a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Unik uses natural fabrics with small runs to minimise waste, focusing on quality pieces made to last. 

Shop UnikSpace here


From the heart of Melbourne, Collective Closets celebrates the fusion of African vibrancy and Australian urbanity. Founded by two sisters with African roots, the brand’s garments boast bold prints and fluid silhouettes, telling a rich cultural story. Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are at the core of their ethos, with each piece crafted locally to ensure quality and reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. 

Shop Collective Closets here

The Social Outfit Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion
Ngali Sustainable Australian Fashion Brands


The Social Outfit is a fashion label with a difference. They’re an independently accredited, ethical trading social enterprise providing employment and training in the fashion industry to people from refugee and new migrant communities. The results are beautifully designed clothes and over 300 people participating in their sewing school, digital print projects, creative programs, and fashion events. Print lovers, this one’s for you.

Shop The Social Outfit here


Ngali is a celebration of Country, culture and creativity. This fashion and homewares brand partners with Indigenous Australian artists to create beautiful and unique prints, connecting the wearer to places they may never see. Ngali translates to ‘we’ or ‘us’ in a number of Aboriginal languages, “through our brand, we’re creating the ‘us’ we’d like to see: a harmonious, sustainable, and equitable union of people with the plant.

Shop Ngali here

Afends Australian-Ethical clothing
Dominique Healy Sustainable Australian Fashion Brand


With an ethos of “Sustainability through innovation, action and positive change”, this Byron Bay label is renowned for championing the regenerative powerhouse that is hemp. They’ve been in the green game since 2006, proving that you can create stylish, well-made clothes while still treating our planet with respect.

Shop Afends here


This Melbourne-based slow fashion designer creates trans-seasonal pieces in small, limited runs using sustainable deadstock fabrics. Think luxe fabrics, flowing sleeves, and gorgeous prints. These are the pieces that people will stop you to ask: where did you get that from? Each piece is made in Melbourne either in her studio or through an Ethical Clothing Australia accredited factory.

Shop Dominique Healy here

Studio Sol Sustainable Australian Fashion Brand
Country Road Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion


When launching Studio Sol (formerly Fabrik), designer Sarah Hardie had a set of priorities that she was determined to adhere to. Ethical, sustainable, and slow. Clothing designed with intention and made to last. This Brisbane label creates elevated basics, pretty sundresses, cotton shirts, and everyday staples, using all natural fabrics. These are the pieces you’ll keep reaching for year after year.

Shop Studio Sol here


Full disclosure: Australian brand (based in Melbourne) Country Road is not an ethical and sustainable clothing brand – but they are making strides and good quality clothes. They’re an affordable and accessible brand, which is why they’ve been included in this roundup. They have outlined practices for ethical trade, sustainable farming and sourcing of raw materials, energy efficiency, scarce water resources, reducing waste and social development priorities.

Shop Country Road here

Kuwaii Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion
Kitx Sustainable Australian Fashion Brands


Australian-made, Melbourne fashion label Kuwaii is the antithesis of fast fashion. With a philosophy of smaller, slower and simpler, they produce minimal runs and are made to order, with a strong focus on designing clothes you will wear forever. Kuwaii’s simple silhouettes are incredibly flattering on all body types, and they offer sizing up to an Australian 16.

Shop Kuwaii here


Australian label KITX is a pioneer in design-led, ethical and sustainably made fashion. The designer behind the iconic Australian 2000s brand Kit Willow says, “I strongly believe in a better world, through the simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet so everyone can win.”

Shop KITX here

Cue Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion
Spell Sustainable Australian Fashion Australian Sustainable Fashion


Australian Cue is a classic fashion label that has been around since 1968. They’ve grown with times and offer modern, fashion-forward pieces in luxe fabrics, but still manage to produce clothes that are timeless and very wearable. Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, Cue is also the largest local manufacturer of fashion in Australia. Double win!

Shop Cue here


Byron Bay’s Spell weaves a touch of magic into every piece of clothing they make. Known for their flowing dresses, unique prints, and ethereal aesthetic, they’re committed to ethical production, sustainable fabric sourcing, and giving back to the community. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for Spell; it is deeply ingrained in the DNA of the brand.

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We hope you like the products we recommend on​ ​T​he Green Hub. Our editors select each one independently.​ ​W​e may receive an affiliate commission when you follow some links.

The brands included in this list have a range of ethical and sustainable certifications, audits/visits to factories, pay living wages and/or can trace part or all of their supply chain. This does not do not take into account all personal ethical considerations like the use of animal products and the country they are manufactured in. 

We include brands in our guides that are transparent with their practices and continuously strive to improve. Please read the brand’s individual about pages to ensure they meet your personal requirements. Note the ethical and sustainable practices of a company can change over time.

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability expert. She started The Green Hub as a blog in 2015, which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education sites dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.