11 Sustainable Linen Brands You’ll be Wearing Forever

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With the shift towards the ethos of slow fashion, linen is emerging as the hero fabric. Born from the flax plant, linen is easy to grow, needs minimal water, and is biodegradable at its end of life.

It keeps you cool in the summer and can be layered in the cooler months. It’s the ultimate travel companion, always ready to be rolled, packed, and worn repeatedly while maintaining its chic look. Even better, it’s a fabric that tells a story, gaining character with every crease, every wash, and every wear.

So if you’re looking for your next favourite wardrobe staple, here are 11 sustainable linen brands that believe that looking good and doing good can go hand-in-hand.

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Ethical Sustainable Linen Clothing Brands
Kristin Magrit Australian Sustainable Linen Clothing
Ukiyo Australian Sustainable Linen Clothing

Kristin Magrit

This Western Australia-based designer is all about giving eco-conscious folks a chance to literally wear their values. Every Kristin Magrit piece tells a story of conscious design. Kristin is a designer who deeply cares about the journey of a garment, from the ethical sourcing of materials to conscious design and production processes. She aims to create pieces that customers will treasure for years to come. With an emphasis on small-batch production and made-to-order services, each garment reflects a conscious effort to reduce waste and support the local economy.

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I Love Linen Sustainable Clothing


This Brisbane-based brand specialises in beautifully crafted, timeless linen pieces created in small batches with care and respect for the people making them and the planet. Ukiyo is a testament to founder Gerry’s childhood spent in the company of her talented seamstress mother.

Celebrating slow fashion, appreciating quality over quantity, and acknowledging the craftsmanship that goes into each garment. The brand imbued with the same dedication to quality, longevity, and sustainable fashion.

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I Love Linen

This Aussie brand is a true gem in the world of linen. They’ve turned the fabric we often reserve for our bedsheets into loungewear you can’t wait to slip into.

They’re all about ethical and sustainable practices, using French flax linen and providing a transparent look into their supply chain. With their breezy matching sets, all available in an array of dreamy colours, you’ll add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe while doing your bit for our planet.

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Not Perfect Linen Sustainable Clothing
Hej Hej Sustainable Linen Clothing

Not perfect linen

Not Perfect Linen is a brand that fully embraces the beauty of imperfection. They see it not as a flaw but as a testament to the hands-on, human nature of their craft. Each piece is thoughtfully handmade, celebrating the unique character of linen with its designs. From the start, this family-run business has been dedicated to slow, ethical, and sustainable fashion. They take care to source high-quality, natural flax linen, keeping their production processes transparent and their environmental impact low.

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Seaside Tones Australian Sustainable Linen

Hej Hej

This list would not be complete without the Queens of linen, New Zealand slow fashion brand Hej Hej. Their playful designs are a delightful blend of vibrant colours and wearability. They’ve managed to transform humble linen into a line of clothes that’s as fun as it is environmentally friendly.

Their pieces, from whimsical dresses to airy blouses, are made from 100% flax linen sourced directly from a family-run mill in China, ensuring fair working conditions throughout their supply chain.

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Seaside Tones

Seaside Tones is all about minimalist style that speaks volumes. This brand is firmly rooted in a philosophy of simplicity, using natural materials to create pieces that are both sustainable and wearable.

They’re committed to transparency and eco-friendly practices, with each piece ethically made in Poland and fabrics dyed using natural plant-based dyes. The cornerstone of their collection is the linen range, made from locally sourced European flax that carries the Masters of Linen certification.

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Jillian Boustred Australian Sustainable Linen
Country Road Sustainable Linen

Jillian Boustred

Jillian Boustred takes the concept of local to heart when it comes to manufacturing. Keeping production close to home, each piece is carefully crafted in their Sydney studio. Her commitment to sustainable fabrics truly shines through in the linen collection, where this earth-friendly material is used to create timeless pieces that are as kind to the planet as they are to your style. Pieces that are not just for the moment but will become enduring favourites in your wardrobe for years to come.

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Beaumont Organic Sustainable Linen

Country Road

Country Road, which we know as a staple of Australian fashion, brings its signature blend of modern simplicity and casual elegance to its linen collection, which is made from responsibly sourced European flax.

They’re not perfect but are now committed to transparency, providing detailed information about their supply chains. With dedicated traceability pages to ensure customers can find out where and how their clothes are made.

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Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic is where luxury and sustainability intersect, thanks to the vision of founder Hannah. This UK-based brand offers an impressive lineup of pieces crafted from organic and eco-friendly materials.

Their standout linen collection, made from GOTS-certified organic linen, is a testament to their commitment to sustainable fashion. Hannah, an advocate for ethical fashion and transparency, has made it easy for customers to follow the journey of their garments, fostering trust and mindfulness in the fashion process.

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LinenFox Sustainable Clothing
People Tree Sustainable Linen

Linen Fox

Straight from the fields of Lithuania, Linenfox isn’t just making clothes; they’re setting the bar for what sustainable, ethical fashion should look like. Think laid-back, earthy styles and minimalist designs that still make a statement. Every piece is made to order, which is a solid thumbs-up for reducing waste. They are all about feeling good, looking good, and knowing you’re doing good for the planet. Linenfox is living proof that you can have your sustainable cake and eat it too, or in this case, wear it.

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People Tree

People Tree is the brand that’s been championing sustainable fashion, long before it was a buzzword. They’ve been in the green game for decades, proving that you can create stylish, well-made clothes while still treating our planet with respect. They’re Fair Trade certified brand with ethical production from seed to garment. They’ve got the goods when it comes to ensuring the people making their clothes are treated right with fair wages, and good working conditions. And their linen pieces? Made from 100% organic linen, for a feel that’s as natural as it is luxe.

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Please note that you should also do your own research, as the ethical and sustainable practices of a company can change over time.

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