15 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following if You Care About The Planet

Nora Julet

I know you spend hours a week on Instagram. (Don’t worry, I’m guilty of that too).

And for some of us, that means we spend those hours doing Internet activism.

We might do this by supporting worldwide organizations that use their platform to advocate for positive change and climate policies. If we comment, like, and share their content, we will help amplify their voice by setting up the algorithm.

If you want to get empowered through your Instagram feed or become part of the environmentalist movement, this list is for you.

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Climate Environment Sustainability Instagram Accounts to Follow
Climate Environment Sustainability Instagram Accounts

Intersectional Environmentalist

Activist Leah Thomas founded Intersectional Environmentalist in June of this year, already amassing 170k followers on Instagram. Her goal? Advocate for the protection of the people and the planet while amplifying BIPOC voices. Follow for educational posts.

Wild Ark

Wild Ark wants to protect biodiversity and land in Australia. Their efforts include education, scientific research, and connecting communities to create meaningful change. Wild Ark mostly posts breath-taking photographs of wildlife to educate us on how important they are in Australia’s ecosystem.

CNN Climate

CNN Climate is the perfect place to find worldwide climate news (both positive and negative). They share on their Instagram quotes from experts, IGTV reportages, and posts from the community on how they are combating the climate crisis.

Climate In Colour

Climate In Colour is here to make a positive and supportive environment for learning. Founder Joycelyn Longdon, a climate researcher, creates engaging content to educate about the intersection of climate science and the BIPOC community.

Climate Environment Sustainability Instagram Accounts


Powerful stories plus powerful photographs are a strong tool to advocate for healthy and abundant oceans. Sea Legacy’s Instagram is a serious source of natural inspiration. Follow to learn more from their #OceanSchool and how they are combatting climate change.

Sunrise Movement

The Sunrise Movement is not here to fool around. Their Instagram is consistently filled with instructions, graphs, and videos to expose politics, challenge the status quo, amplify underrepresented voices and sign petitions. All this to stop climate change and elect leaders who care for our well-being.

UN Climate Change

The UN Climate Change account shares news and insights about the connection between climate change, industry, the economy, and worldwide activists. It’s filled with shareable content and brief facts.

Climate Lockdown

Climate Lockdown’s mission is to gather a digital community to #ProtestInPlace. On their Instagram, you’ll be able to read excerpts from articles, ranging from BBC to The New York Times, about climate change and its intersection with social justice. If reading is your thing, this is for you.

Climate Environment Sustainability Instagram Accounts

NowThis Earth

NowThis has its own climate change account, where it shares inspiring projects from young activists and news about the climate crisis. Follow them to see IGTVs on topics ranging from how the climate crisis impacts the economy to their ecological series #OneSmallStep.

Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance, which is co-chaired by Leonardo Di Caprio, Laurene Powell Jobs, and Brian Sheth, is a collection of reposts from other climate accounts to address the threats the planet’s ecosystems are facing. Graphics, illustrations, wildlife photography, and articles are what you would expect if you’d join the #EarthAlliance movement on Instagram.

Future Earth

Future Earth is an inclusive climate club filled with your favourite interactive and highly visual content. It debunks some of the most prominent climate myths, shares graphics and percentages about the climate crisis, uploads IGTVs with great activists, and comes through with your favourite climate memes.

Indigenous Climate Action

It’s critical to amplify Instagram pages from underrepresented communities. Indigenous Climate Action’s goal is to inspire and support Indigenous-led climate action. They mostly post about protests taking place, calls-to-action for specific movements, educational posts, and some illustrations.

Climate Environment Sustainability Instagram Accounts


Earthrise offers almost everything you need to know about climate activism. Their Instagram covers a wide array of topics like capitalism, climate statistics, news, and activists’ profiles. Follow them to see their unique perspective on the climate crisis and how they harness optimism to build the planet we need.

One Up Action International

One Up Action International is an intersectional organization for youth advocates. They focus their posts on climate issues, guides on how to help, and texts to inspire your inner-activist. For them, it’s essential to create conversations amongst the digital community.

Sustain The Mag

This Instagram account will give you the best lifestyle tips while also educating you on the climate crisis. Sustain The Mag is an excellent source of inspiration, challenges, and wellness content.

Are your favourite climate change Instagram accounts not included here? Leave them down below.

Nora Julet

Nora is a feminist, writer and content creator for her Mexican-based fashion podcast called Recóndito Universo de la Moda, where she shares innovative, inclusive, and sustainable Latinx fashion brands.