8 Of The Best Australian Natural & Organic Skin Care Brands

Rachael Hamann

Australia has some incredible green beauty brands popping up.

Being such an environmentally diverse country, it’s not surprising that there are ingredients that exist nowhere else in the world. Australian skincare brands have taken advantage of these unique ingredients and developed some incredible, and wonderfully effective natural and organic skincare.

Below, I have picked out some of my favourites.

Some for anyone looking for budget friendly products that are still safe and effective; others are for those looking for that little extra luxe touch.

australian natural skincare brands

Black Chicken

Black Chicken’s Axilla Deo Paste has reached cult status, and for good reason! Natural deodorant that actually works! Their other product formulations are just as effective. The founder, Chey Birch, has blended 100% natural and organic ingredients to create products that will suit even those with sensitive skin.

australian natural skincare brands

Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty is one of my personal favourites. Effective formulas that are good enough to eat, and smell just as good! And you really could eat them if you really wanted to… Their formulations only contain ingredients that are safe enough to eat. Some of which are uniquely Australian and packed with antioxidants. Edible Beauty has created both beauty for the outside – skincare; and beauty for the inside – delicious herbal teas.

australian natural skincare brands

Metta Skincare 

Metta Skincare has created a select group of 100% natural, handcrafted products that are good for your skin and good for the earth. They use cold pressed vegetable oils, extracts, and butters combined with therapeutic grade essential oils to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Their containers are recyclable glass, and their labels are tree-free Stone paper that can easily be recycled. Once you have finished a product you can either recycle the container, or send it back to Metta for reuse!

australian natural skincare brands

Mukti Organics 

Mukti have a huge range of products for all skin types and concerns. They have won numerous awards with their fabulous products. Their products are based on native Australian organic plant extracts because why look further than your own backyard? They ensure each and every ingredient is sustainably and ethically sourced, and all of their products are vegan and cruelty free.

australian natural skincare brands

{SIMPLE as that}

The name says it all – SIMPLE as that. All products are pharmacist formulated and contain a very minimal number of ingredients so you’re only putting on your skin exactly what is needed. Their Ecological and Fair Trade products are crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from local Aussie producers. Simple (duh), pure ingredients in products that work.

australian natural skincare brands

Skin Juice

A brand I’ve only just discovered but will certainly be picking up some of their superfood-based skincare ASAP! Their products are based on fruits and formulated to be safe, pure, and effective using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their potent bio-actives work deep on the cellular level to nourish and repair.

australian natural skincare brands


Sodashi has developed a holistic approach to skincare; involving the mind, body, and spirit. Their artisanal line is handcrafted skincare with the finest natural and organic ingredients and botanical extracts. Sodashi’s founder, Megan Larsen, unique background in aromatherapy, Ayurveda, biochemistry, and naturopathy which allows her to develop the most beautiful creations. The skilfully formulated products can also be found in spas all over the world.

australian natural skincare brands


Sukin is a great option for a brand which is readily available everywhere, especially at places like the chemist. They have a great range or products for different skin-types and formulate their products without undesirable and toxic chemicals. Their products are carbon neutral, grey water safe, vegan, and cruelty free. Oh, and they even have a range for men – yep it’s in manly black packaging too!


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Rachael Hamann

Rachael is a green beauty hoarder and Master’s student currently living in Europe. During her studies, she focused on sustainable cities and circular economy and hopes to work in a field that will make an impact on the future of our earth. All while slathering as much natural skincare on as humanly possible.