REEF: Captured Images of Hope and Resilience Photography Exhibition

Kira Simpson

We protect what we love, so underwater photographers Harriet Spark and Richard Woodgett are sharing their love of the planet’s biggest living organism by bringing the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney.

“‘Reef’ is an exhibition that will showcase the splendour and beauty of coral reefs, and the abundance of life that calls this ecosystem home. It’s a hopeful reminder of all that we still have to protect – that it’s not too late to save the world’s largest living ecosystem.”

Please join us for an afternoon filled with turtles, coral reefs and sunlight on Saturday the 2nd of March, from 3pm – 6pm. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.


  • Sydney Road Gallery, 563 Sydney Road, Seaforth.
  • Launch Event: 3pm – 6pm, Saturday 2nd March RSVP here
  • The exhibition runs from Thursday 28th Feb until Sunday the 24th of March.
  • Gallery open hours: Thursday to Saturday: 10am – 4pm. Sunday: 9am – 12pm
  • 10% of the show’s profits will be donated to the climate-action organisation, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.
REEF Photography Exhibition

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is a sustainability advocate, climate optimist and founder, and editor of The Green Hub. Her own sustainable living journey began five years ago when she realised our choices matter. What we eat, where we shop, what we wear, how we live, these choices have the power to shape the kind of world we want to live in. Since launching The Green Hub in 2016 she has grown the blog to become a platform for sustainable fashion and conscious living helping people make lifestyle choices which are kinder to the planet.