6 Nature Documentaries to Inspire You to Fight for The Planet

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When has there been a more perfect reason to snuggle into the dark with a few nature docos than during one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the planet, Earth Hour?

On Saturday 27 March 2021, at 8:30pm wherever you are, join millions of people around the world and switch off your lights for one hour in the symbolic event to support climate change action.

This Earth Hour, WWF-Australia is encouraging individuals to support Australia’s switch to a renewables-based economy by making the #SwitchForNature.

Our Planet best nature documentaries

Whether making the switch to solar power or a green energy provider or simply switching off the lights for Earth Hour, Australians can help protect the planet we call home by signing up and switching off for nature on Saturday 27 March 2021 at 8.30 pm your local time.

Here are some ways you can #MaketheSwitch:

  • Switch to solar power or a renewable energy provider
  • Switch to a responsible superannuation provider
  • Switch to a carbon-neutral phone plan
  • Switch your ride to an electric scooter, a bike ride or a walk
  • Switch to paperless
  • Switch to reusable cups and containers

Check out the docos below to enlighten and inspire you to make a switch to save our planet and explore how you can do it.

1. 2040

A doco with hope at each turn, filmmaker Damon Gameau takes you on a “journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us.”

2. Our Planet

An incredibly cinematic step into a world of ecosystems inaccessible to most humans, this documentary will have you staring in awe and wonder at the beauty and bounty of nature and its inhabitants.

3. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

David Attenborough tells his story of encountering incredible creatures, while also witnessing the devastating destruction of their habitats. A powerful watch that while full of warning, will still leave you with a sense of hope.

4. A Plastic Ocean

Filmmaker Craig Leeson worked for four years, across twenty locations, to uncover the depth of the issue, and to find solutions to help save our oceans.

5. Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge

ABC TV’s three-part documentary explores how we can all reduce our individual and collective carbon emissions. From food to transport, the documentary aims to empower and motivate Australians to take action on climate change and reduce your footprint.

6. ABC War on Waste

Journalist Craig Reucassel presents a series examining waste issues in Australia to help spark change – from plastic water bottles, straws, e-waste to fast furniture, food waste and the recycling crisis.

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