7 Online Sustainable Living Stores to Help You Live Low Waste

Kira Simpson

Going plastic-free. Sounds like a daunting task, right?

Plastic is everywhere. From water bottles to grocery bags to almost all our food, even bananas are wrapped in it these days! So it’s no surprise that over the last ten years, humans have produced more plastic than during the entirety of our history.

Australians discard nearly 10 billion pieces of single-use plastic a year – the majority of which ends up in landfill (only 12% of that’s recycled) and takes centuries to break down. If we continue at this rate, our oceans will be home to more plastic than fish by 2050. 

They’re scary stats, but it is within our power to help change them.

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plastic free reusables online stores

So how do we start to use less plastic?

We’re not in the business of perfection here; it’s more about reduction.

Assessing areas where you can reduce or even eliminate single-use plastic. This could include reusables like coffee cups, water bottles, and grocery bags. You might be ready to take it a bit further with package-free cleaning products or even food.

And remember, going plastic-free or low waste won’t happen overnight – it’s a process.

It takes time and a little effort, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, do your best with what you have available to you and in the process, you might inspire the people around you to walk a little lighter on the planet as well.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne-Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef

I always say use what you have, but when you need supplies, these are my picks for online stores to shop for reusables, food, and beauty to help you go plastic-free.

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Biome was the very first place I ever shopped for six years ago. I bought my first reusable coffee cup and bokashi compost here, and I keep returning because they’re reliable, affordable, and always have what I need.

They have everything from reusables to straws and takeaway containers to a fully stocked ‘Naked Beauty Bar’ so you can make your own zero-waste beauty and cleaning products. Plus, all their products are palm oil-free.

It’s an actual eco haven for products to help you reduce plastic and live a more low-waste lifestyle.

And if you live in Queensland, they have physical stores in Brisbane and Gold Coast. I also hear rumours of southern state stores coming soon!

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Seed & Sprout

What began as a search to make the perfect stainless steel lunchbox has since evolved into one of my favourite online stores’ chock full of products for low-waste living.

Seed & Sprout is your one-stop-shop for zero-waste living with plastic-free solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, shopping, and storage. You need it; they probably have it!

The range includes storage solutions, alternatives to cling-wrap, skincare products, and a gorgeous stainless steel wine tumbler set.

They also offer bundled packages so you can save money, and if you use the code THEGREENHUB you get 10% off your order.

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Another brand that came from humble beginnings. Sustomi started out offering beeswax wraps as an alternative to cling wrap.

Now they stock a great range of zero-waste kitchen, cleaning and bathroom products, and plastic-free storage solutions.

They also have some great silicon pouches for food storage, which are my personal favourite alternatives to plastic bags.

With their motto “here to help you go plastic-free at home, save you time, and reduce your guilt about waste”, going plastic-free just got that little bit easier. Use the code THEGREENHUB for 10% off your order.

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This one’s for our UK and European readers.

Pureosophy offers plastic-free and sustainable everyday essentials at affordable prices to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

They have a lovely collection of aesthetically pleasing personal care products such as stainless steel razors, bamboo hairbrushes, and package free body products. As well as the usual kitchen basics like shopping bags and reusable water bottles.

They’re all about inspiring you to start taking those small steps towards reducing plastic. As founder Lea says “There is no planet B, so we have to take care – small steps matter!”.

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nourished life plastic free

Nourished Life

Another eco online store I’ve been shopping at for many years.

Nourished Life is Australia’s first organic beauty marketplace and boasts an impressive collection of organic, natural cruelty-free products.

There’s a whole bunch of products in plastic packages, but they do stock some great plastic-free brands like Ethique, Eco Minerals who do refillable foundation, some great Life Basics body products as well reusables in the ‘home’ section.

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the package free shop

The Package Free Shop

For our US people, the Package Free Shop is on a mission to make the world less trashy by offering products, education, and resources that help you reduce waste daily.

The store is the creation of Lauren Singer of the Trash is For Tossers fame. The zero-waste advocate who kept all her trash in a jar for a year.

Lauren opened up the physical store in New York in 2017 and now sells online and ships across the US. They’re also a Terracycle takeback shop t help you keep your empty plastic bottles out of landfill.

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The Source Bulk Foods zero waste store

The Source Bulk Foods

My go-to for food, I’m lucky enough to have one just down the road. The Source Bulk Foods is an organic wholefoods market offering unpackaged food.

It’s a fantastic concept that is fast-growing, buying only what you need, using reusable bags and jars to store your food and bringing them back for refills.

They have pasta, flours, spices, nuts, seeds, chocolate (try the chocolate Moon Macadamias), sauces, honey – all the of the pantry staples. They also offer refill stations for household cleaning and skincare products.

The Source has a list of physical stores around Australia on their site and if you don’t have a local, they also deliver. The food comes in compostable brown paper and bioplastic packaging.

Shop here

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability expert. She started The Green Hub as a blog in 2015, which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education sites dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.