7 Eco-Friendly Products For A More Sustainable Kitchen

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As the realities of plastic pollution become more obvious each day, being thoughtful about how we consume is increasingly important.

And where better to start than in the heart of the home – our kitchens.  Small steps done collectively can lead to big changes, especially when everyone does their small part.

From eco-friendly cookware to reusable food savers, here are some of our favourite sustainable kitchen products to help you reduce waste and save money.

ways to reduce plastic zero waste
appetito ceramic compost caddy

1. Compost Bin for the Kitchen Bench

Composting can play an important role in helping reduce the amount of food waste in our landfills. In fact, a third of all the food we buy is thrown away and can (and should) be composted.

This stylish little compost caddy is designed to hold food scraps temporarily on your kitchen bench, and when it’s full you take it out to the garden compost bin to empty.

The caddy is lined with replaceable charcoal filters and seals airtight, which means no smells or pests.

GreenPan Sustainable nonstick cookware pastel

2. GreenPan non-stick Cookware

If you’ve been on the hunt for plastic-free non-stick pots and pans, then no look further.

GreenPan is a pioneer in the eco-friendly cookware space, creating the first plastic-free non-stick coating made using Thermolon. The coating is derived from sand and transformed into a sprayable solution through a sol-gel process, which means no harmful chemicals like PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium. Making it healthier for you and the planet.

With a wide range of cookware, GreenPan has everything you need to take your cooking to the next level. We especially love these pretty pastel Reserve 10 Piece Cookware Sets for a pop of colour in the kitchen!

Stasher silicone bags

3. Reusable Silicone Food Pouches

It’s estimated that Americans alone use around 100 billion plastic bags every year. That’s about one bag a day, every single day per person!

So, it’s safe to say making the switch to reusable silicone food pouches is one of the best ways to reduce your daily plastic waste.

They come in a range of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for storing leftovers, packing kids’ lunches, and freezing foods. They’re incredibly durable and microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Reusable unpaper towels

4. Reusable Paper Towels

Speaking of reusables, these ingeniously designed “Unpaper Towels” are perfect for mopping up spills – minus the disposability.

Made using one-ply absorbent cotton flannelette, these reusable paper towels are the new practical way to save paper and the environment, one small spill at a time.

Plus, they’re biodegradable, so you chuck them in the compost at their end of life!

ecofriendly dish brushes

5. Bamboo Dish Brush

We all know plastic is bad for the environment, but did you know that your plastic dish brush will take up to 400 years to break down in landfill?

These eco-friendly dish brushes are made with biodegradable beech with sisal and palm bristles—the perfect set of all-round cleaning brushes for your dishes and pans.

And you can give yourself a big pat on the back for saving yet another plastic dish brush ending up in landfill!

Dishwashing soap bar grapefruit

6. Dish Soap Bar

To help keep your kitchen plastic free, you’ll also need a dish soap block to pair with the dish brush!

Made with powerful plant-based ingredients to create a highly concentrated, richly scented dish soap bar that’s gentle on your hands and the environment.

Plus, it’s non-toxic, antibacterial, and the soaps come packaged in recyclable and compostable packaging.

Honeybee wax wraps set

7. Beeswax Wraps

Plastic cling wrap is a staple in most kitchens, and while it may save your sandwich, it’s also an environmental nightmare.

Instead, swap out the cling wrap for reusable beeswax and vegan wax wraps. Incredibly versatile, they come in an array of sizes and can be used to wrap sandwiches and cheese, cover bowls, or fold them down to create a little pocket or pouch for snacks.

They can be given a second life with a re-wax or composted in your home compost at their end of life.

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