8 Ethical Fashion Brands You Can Find in Myer

you can actually try them on irl!

Kira Simpson

A while back I shared ethical fashion brands you can find in David Jones and if you’re an Aussie, you’ll know Myer is it’s rival next door neighbour.

I’ve heard some people are fiercely loyal to one or the other (ahem, my family with Myer), but I tend to flit between the two, depending on who happens to stock my favourite brands. 

Finding ethical fashion you can see, touch and actually try on in real life is hard to come by. So, we conscious peeps often have to make do with buying online and hope for the best.

Fortunately the giants are listening (I think) and I’m finding more ethical fashion brands being sold in both stores.

Myer has been the go to shopping destination for fashion and beauty for most Australian shoppers since the dawn of time. Remember back when it was Grace Brothers?

As a company overall, Myer does not rank highly with Good On You, and considering they have over 300 brands under their umbrella, this is a bit of a sad start.

But, something is better than nothing and next time you’re chasing a new dress or pair of jeans, you can at least try them on at Myer.

1. Veronika Maine

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accredited, Veronika Maine make beautiful, timeless and well made clothes. Their sizing can be a bit off depending on the style so this one brand you will want to try on in store.

2. White Suede

Another ECA accredited brand, White Suede do great event clothes, perfect for our upcoming party season. Their designs can be a trend driven but, just stick with your style and invest in something you’ll wear many times.


3. Patagonia

Patagonia are leaders in the sustainable fashion space. While they have plenty of their physical stores around Australia, It’s nice to see Myer stocking an ethical fashion favourite.


4. Nobody Denim

Made in Melbourne and made to last. Nobody Denim are an ethical fashionistas best friend. They have great range of styles and washes to suit everyone.


5. Misha Collection

Another ECA accredited brand and party fave. Their dresses are higher priced, but they tend to design mostly in black and cream and the styles are very classic, so this would be more of a long term investment purchase.


6. Cue

Nearly every women I have come across has owned a Cue piece at some stage in their life. Their designs are incredibly flattering, the really get women’s body shapes and, they’re made to last.


7. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has been the celebrity voice in the ethical fashion world, bringing to light some of the major issues within the fashion industry particularly for animal welfare. While most of her clothes are out of reach for us mere mortals, her underwear line is a little more affordable.

8. Country Road – Witchery – Mimco – Trenery

These guys all live under the Country Road Group roof. Apart from Mimco’s ethical fashion initiative range they don’t have any official ethical or sustainable certifications. Based on my own research (their site, Good On You, Baptist World Aide Report 2017), I have deemed them to be doing enough for me to be comfortable buying their clothes. Most of their clothing are well made and last for years, for the price point and types of material they use. But, do your own research as well.

If there are any I’ve missed, please share them in the comments below.

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability expert. She started The Green Hub as a blog in 2015, which has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education sites dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable lifestyle.