These Incredible Border Collies Are Helping Replant Chilean Forests

Kira Simpson

Over 100 different fires left Chile’s forests devastated during the worst wildfire season in the countries history, destroying nearly 1,500 homes and killing at least 11 people.

The monumental task of regenerating will many take years, but in the meantime, three gorgeous Border collies Das, Summer and Olivia have been tasked with helping to bring life back to the forests.

The dogs are outfitted with special backpacks filled with seeds, then let loose to race through the charred forests.

border collie chile

Owner Francesca Tores, who also runs a dog-oriented environmental community called Pewos and trains assistance dogs, began the project with he dogs in March 2017 and has returned regularly to the forest for over six months.

“We have seen many results in flora and fauna coming back to the burned forest!” says Torres

Images via International Business Times

Kira Simpson

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