• Repurposed / Recycled
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

The Story

ecostore is a proud NZ company, manufacturing in Auckland and creating natural cleaning and personal care products which are healthier for people and our environment. Our journey is ongoing and we are constantly looking to improve the way we do things. We believe small actions can add up to a big difference.

Right now, climate change and plastic pollution are two of the biggest challenges we all face. Recently we’ve noticed that more people are talking about the plastic problem – which is great – because it’s an issue that needs to be tackled.

Since ecostore started in 1993, we’ve been committed to making products that are safer for people and our world. This philosophy goes hand in hand with ensuring we create packaging that is as sustainable as possible – it’s hugely important to us and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals. The extraction process and conversion into plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. So, a number of years ago we challenged ourselves to find a packaging alternative that is safer for our planet. And we found one. It’s plastic made from sugarcane, a renewable source, making it a better and more sustainable way to make plastic. Sugarcane packaging is chemically identical to regular plastic, so can be recycled as #2.

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