One Happy Leaf

PO Box 384, Wanneroo WA Australia 6946
  • Australian Made
  • Natural Fibers
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

The Story

One Happy Leaf is for nature lovers, aspiring minimalists + wearers of messy buns + unapologetic smiles

Hi, I’m Anna. A jewellery designer, eternal optimist, suburban vegie grower, + chronic cat cuddler who is dedicated to making this world a better place. Born + raised in sunny Perth, Australia, I am passionate about making beautiful jewellery where fashion + sustainability can coexist. I spend my days designing + making jewellery that’s an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream jewellery.

I’m on a mission to make the world a greener place. For every order placed, a tree is planted on your behalf. The trees are planted in areas requiring rehabilitation or ecological diversity to provide homes for cute animals. Yep, you can sleep well at night knowing that your purchase made the world that little bit better!

In addition to planting trees, I choose to use bamboo instead of traditional materials to ensure my business has less of an environmental impact on the world. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative; it’s fast growing + needs little water to survive. The sustainable bamboo jewellery looks great on you, but it’s even better for the environment.

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