• Artisan Made
  • Female Empowerment
  • Natural Fibers
  • Sustainable

The Story

Melbourne handbag designer simétrie create sustainable artisanal leather and canvas tote bags whilst minimising their impact on the planet.

simétrie prioritises natural materials over plastic-based materials (like faux leather which is usually PU or PVC) in an effort to create quality-made and repairable accessories that can last lifetimes, reducing the throwaway culture of fashion accessories.

Using vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather, sustainably sourced from Australian population management, as well as organic hemp canvas, linen canvas and water-based glues and dyes, with their in-house craftswomanship, to ensure their wares are made with sustainable materials, full transparency and low waste during the manufacturing process. The interlinings they use are also made from vegetable-tanned recycled leather, instead of PVC or other plastic-based materials, which are commonplace in other fashion bags.

simétrie’s small scale production and local manufacturing practices are helping to revitalise local industry which left Australia due to offshore competition. They pride themselves on having an all-female team that pays fair wages for a dying artisan craft, and for providing a welcoming workspace for women in a usually male-dominated part of the fashion industry.

Their beautiful and timeless accessories are heirlooms to be passed on, not thrown into landfills and carry with them the stories of the women who made them ~ with love.

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