Team Timbuktu

  • Female Empowerment
  • Gives Back
  • Organic
  • Repurposed / Recycled
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

The Story

At Team Timbuktu we have a couple of pretty strong beliefs, we believe that our bodies were made for movement and that there should never be a compromise between style and sustainability.

We believe single use plastics don’t belong in oceans or landfill and that all businesses have a responsibility to reduce their impact.

Sustainability is a core value for the brand, with our leggings and raincoats being made in the more responsible way, using recycled fabrics, eliminating plastic packaging and doing everything we can to reduce our impact.

Team Timbuktu was founded (and still solely run) by Rhianna, she was hiking in Patagonia wearing some really ugly clothes, not only were they the kind of hiking clothes that instantly ruin your photos, but more importantly, they were made from conventional synthetic materials, meaning, unfortunately, they were made in an incredibly environmentally damaging way. With her background in fashion she knew it was possible to make clothes made to move your body in without all the negative impact, which is how the brand was born.

We sweat the small stuff here

  • Not only are we using fabrics that are made more sustainably, we’ve eliminated the majority of single-use plastics within our supply chain.
  • A supply chain that is transparent and traceable. Our activewear manufacturer is in Xiamen, China, our tech jacket fabric is made in Taiwan and organic cotton mill and manufacturer is located in Tiruppur, India.
  • We know our makers, we visit our garment manufacturers every year (in addition to skype-ing them every other week) to check-in and ensure we’re supporting happy, healthy and safe workplaces.

But sustainability is an ever-evolving journey, we’re not perfect (and no one is), so as we grow we’ll continue to implement more sustainable practices as soon as we can.

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