• Artisan Made
  • Ethically Certified
  • Female Empowerment
  • Gives Back
  • Natural Fibers
  • Organic
  • Repurposed / Recycled
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan

The Story

Reigniting age old craftsmanship working with earthy materials, and shining light on the skilled artisans of Nepal, Woodfolk reflects a harmony between people and nature.

Founder and designer, Julia Denes, has been working with fine jewellery for over 10 years.  It was a desire to be more deeply connected to the earth, and a curiosity about Nepal’s deep cultural and artisan communities, that attracted Julia to travel there in 2013. Upon discovering a wealth of traditional knowledge and craftsmanship, Julia was determined to work with the local people to preserve and pass on these rich art forms. And from this inspiration the idea for Woodfolk was born.

Woodfolk believes in supporting local communities to thrive through self-determination and trade to ensure long term, sustainable change.

It’s this form of social entrepreneurship of working alongside the Nepalese in collaboration, that provides opportunities for small family-run businesses to develop independence, a sense of self-worth and to generate an income outside of foreign aid. While grounded in nature, their line of homewares and accessories are connecting people through creativity and community.

Each piece in the Woodfolk collection is brought to life by a Nepalese artisan and uniquely crafted with the conscious consumer in mind. For people like you, who wish to be part of the global community supporting the self-determination of small communities as Woodfolk works with.

Products are crafted only using natural materials provided by nature, bringing warmth and creativity to your home. Whether it be wood, cotton, linen or ceramic, these items are brought to life with the intention of them one day, when no longer needed, returning to Mother Nature to be recycled and reused once more.

Woodfolk was founded on the principles of fair trade, equality and trust which is why they’re a proud member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.  

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