Feeling Stressed? Try These 4 Indoor Plants To Help You Feel Calm And Connected

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Feeling stuffy and stuck up indoors? This is the perfect time to add a few plant pals to your space to help clean the air and create feelings of relaxation, inspiration, and positivity.

Melbourne University researcher and Plant Life Balance ambassador, Dr. Dominique Hes, says, “Plants have the ability to both relax and energise us. Being relaxed improves your mood; you can concentrate longer and you are more productive. Simply seeing plants or being surrounded by them can be an effective mechanism for dealing with stress, which has increased for most of us during this uncertain time.”

This connection, known as biophilia, is the reason we are instinctively attracted to nature and fill our homes with plant life. So listen to that inner yearning and bring a little solace into your space with plants.

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Best indoor plants for stress
Peace Lily Plant Life Balance

Peace Lily

Restore a sense of calm to your space with the iconic Peace Lily.


Indoors or out, Peace Lilies don’t like direct sun. They can handle low light, so placing them on in a sheltered position by a window on the southside of your house/garden/courtyard is recommended.


They like moist soil but do not overwater. They can handle a little dryness once established outdoors.


Remove dead leaves and flowers regularly, they ain’t comin’ back. If you’re storing them indoors, wipe the leaves occasionally so the pores don’t block up with dust.

Spder Plant Plant Life Balance

Spider Plant 

This green and white striped plant pal is low maintenance and safe for pets.


Low light or bright positioning away from direct sunlight indoors or out. They love living in pots and make great hanging plants too.


Submerge the plant (in the pot) into water once a month to help keep the soil moist. Otherwise, water sparingly.


Dust the leaves with a brush or wipe them down with a damp cloth to prevent their pores clogging up. Administer a liquid plant food monthly, except in winter.

English ivy Plant Life Balance

English Ivy

The classics never go out of style, especially this lustre green climbing wonder.


Depending on your intent with this plant, they can grow almost anywhere and will quickly cover any surface with their aerial roots. They can work well indoors as hanging plants.


Water often until established, then watch them grow very quickly.


They require a lot of pruning to be kept under control, but the results can be spectacular as they cover an entire wall or live in harmony with a large tree.

Snake Plant Plant Life Balance

Aloe vera

One of the easiest to grow and the gel has many DIY uses.


In pots or in the garden, it loves full sun or part shade. Just make sure to keep the crown above the ground.


Weekly water in summer, less in winter. Can handle neglect.


Doesn’t mind an annual fertiliser. You can re-pot the younglings as they poke their heads through.

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