Get Off Grid In This Affordable Prefab Flat Pack House

Kate Hall

You’ve heard of a flat pack table, a chair, or maybe even a bedframe, but would you believe me if I said you could buy a flat pack house?

Turning IKEA’s idea of flat packs into a dream design for nature lovers, Backcountry Hut Company has designed the ultimate sustainable off-grid getaway house.

Inspired by the idea of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad of “providing affordable well-designed products”, Leckie Studio Architecture + Design created the Backcountry Hut Company to offer an affordable and sustainable solution to housing.

The modular design of the structure allows you to increase the space as much as you like and adapt it for individual and community residential purposes. We collaborate with exceptional designers to offer fully customisable interiors and furniture for your Tiny House, in addition to a more basic fit-out. The base model measures 191 square feet (studio loft: sleeps 2-4 people) and has a covered entry front.

Images via Backcountry Hut Company

prefab home

The Surf Shack caters for outdoor enthusiasts, clubs and lodges, wild-life researchers, and individuals or groups simply wanting a temporary or permanent housing fixture that can be easily assembled in a remote space.

If reducing your footprint, or living away from the hustle and bustle is for you, the Surf Shack may just be your answer.

Backcountry Hut Company’s new design offers generous deck space, cladding and double-glazing options, all whilst off the grid. The flat pack kit is easily assembled in an area accessible by truck or helicopter. This super rad flat pack home involves simple nail on window systems, and the ability to manoeuvre rooms and spaces as desired and required by you.

flat pack house

As a lover of tiny homes myself, The Surf Shack is my dream tiny house. Imagine packing up your surf board, popping the dog in the car, throwing your bathing suit into your eco-tote bag, and… tying your house to your trailer.

These guys may just be onto something incredible. Watch this space.

flat pack house

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