Get to Know and Love Your Body in 3 Simple Steps

Nikita Oliver Metcalfe

Body positivity is the new black, or should I say green, and it’s importance shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to building an ethical and sustainable wardrobe. How can you show love for the planet and others if you haven’t shown it to yourself?!

If you’re looking to achieve a more meaningful wardrobe that is 100% you then getting to know and love your body is a great place to start. So let’s figure it out, every lump and bump of it, in 3 simple steps!

You’re going to need a tape measure and a mirror, and for best results, make sure you’re wearing skin tight clothing or underwear so you can properly admire that beautiful bod.

It’s also important to remember that your body shape is completely unique to you. We are all one of a kind and that should make us feel special and proud to be who we are, we’re not meant to fit into one mould!

Embrace your imperfections, own what you’ve got and respect your body for everything that it does, you wouldn’t be here without it.

Now, before you start, and this is very important, stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself, smile and give yourself a compliment!

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"How can you show love for the planet and others if you haven’t shown it to yourself?!"

The 5 Basic Body Shapes

Which shape best relates to your findings? Remember these are guidelines only, you may not find yourself fitting perfectly into one shape…and understandably so, you’re unique remember!

Use a combination of shapes to best describe your body if needed and ask yourself these questions if you’re having trouble deciding on the shape or shapes most relevant to you.

Oval – Are your bust and hip measurements almost equal? Does your waist sit on the outside of the line from your shoulder?

Triangle – Are your bust and waist measurements smaller than your hip measurement? Do your hips sit on the outside of the line from your shoulder?

Inverted Triangle – Is your hip measurement smaller than your bust measurement? Does the line from your shoulder sit wider than your waist and hips?

Rectangle – Are your bust, waist and hip measurements almost equal? Are your hips and waist mostly in line with the line from your shoulder?

Hourglass – Are your bust and hip measurements almost equal? Does your waist sit on the inside of the line from your shoulder?

dress for your body type

The Steps:

Step 1.

Start by taking your measurements in order to better understand your proportions. The three main sections to observe are your bust, waist and hips. You can of course take as many measurements as you like but these are the key areas to start with. Use these tips to ensure you are measuring at the correct point:

Bust – should be measured in the middle of your bust and tape measure should remain straight right around your back.

Waist – to find your natural waist bend to one side and observe where the crease is, this is your natural waistline and the slimmest point of your midsection.

Hips – this measurement should always be the widest part of your body below the waistline, therefore it will fall slightly differently for all of us. Stand straight on in front of the mirror with your feet together and observe where your widest point is.

Step 2.

Standing straight on in front of the mirror once again, hold the tape measure at one end and create a straight line down your body from the outside of your shoulder. Observe where your waist and hip sits in relation to the line you have created from your shoulder, are they on the inside or outside of the line?

Step 3.

Review steps 1 & 2 and observe how your measurements relate.  Which section is smallest and what is the correlation between each section from your shoulder line? Now review the 5 basic body shapes below and find your best fit!

Armed with a better knowledge and appreciation for your body, dressing should be an enjoyable, purposeful and fulfilling event in your day. And ladies, always remember the key to pulling off any outfit is to wear it with confidence…be proud of your fashion choices, make them count and own who you are!

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Nikita Oliver Metcalfe

Personal stylist with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion combined with conscious consumption. Nikita believes in the power of styling to ensure women always feel great in what they wear while building meaningful wardrobes and a greater understanding of the impact of their clothes.