GIVIT is Helping Vulnerable People Impacted By Coronavirus and They Need Your Donations

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In light of the widespread dumping of donated items and waste at Op Shops and charity bins, not-for-profit GIVIT is calling for generous Australians to donate items to help support vulnerable people who are being impacted by this crisis.

GIVIT currently supports over 3,200 charities – from The Salvation Army & St Vincent de Paul – and local community groups across Australia, using a ‘virtual warehouse’ system that allows individuals and businesses to donate items, services, and cash. The registered charities then reserve donations when they’re needed, or can request specific items not already pledged that are urgently needed in their communities.

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“As we saw through the outpouring of well-meaning generosity for bushfire-affected communities, unsolicited donated items create mountains of waste and headaches for charities that are forced to use limited finances and volunteers to sort, store or dispose of the donations,” – GIVIT CEO Sarah Tennant.

At this stage, the immediate need for vulnerable Australians are toiletries, grocery vouchers, and home-schooling items. Many are struggling due to panic buying, on top of the virus’ economic effect exacerbating existing hardships and challenges for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Items most needed:

  • Toiletries, personal hygiene items & non-perishable grocery items
  • Items to support home-schooling (stationary to laptops)
  • Games & art supplies – to keep families entertained during social isolation
  • Beds, linen & small appliances – to help households who are caring for additional family members/friends.
  • Mobile phones – to help isolated persons remain connected and access the internet for vital support services.

GIVIT’s real-time “Items Needed” list grows daily and shows exactly what’s needed in your town/suburb.

To donate items, services or cash to help Australians impacted by Coronavirus, please pledge online at 100% of donated funds to GIVIT’s ‘COVID-19 Appeal’ will be used to purchase urgently needed items.

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