How to Vote With Your Wallet and Buy Fairtrade

Kira Simpson

I’m a firm believer in voting with your wallet – when you buy the things that support your values, you’re creating space for change.

If more people support Fairtrade products – things like chocolate, coffee, tea, cotton –  then whole communities benefit. It’s your small purchasing decisions that can make a big difference

Fairtrade Fortnight Australia New Zealand 2021

This Fairtrade Fortnight I challenge you during your next grocery shop to find at least one thing you normally buy – ice cream, chocolate, coffee – and swap it with something with the Fairtrade Mark.

“Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual celebration of people, including farmers and families, who are working to make the world fairer. It’s a great time to reflect on the power of our choices to create a better future for the planet and its people.”

Why choose Fairtrade

Kira Simpson

Kira Simpson is an environmentalist and sustainability educator. She started The Green Hub in 2015 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest education platforms dedicated to helping people live a more sustainable life, talking about the big environmental issues like climate change, plastic pollution, and fast fashion – showing people how they can have an impact through their own small daily actions and how to be part of the bigger environmental movement.