I Tried Natural Elmore Oil for Muscle Soreness

All natural and it works

Kira Simpson

I’m a firm believer in yoga fixes everything but sometimes it’s not quite enough.

When I’m feeling sore after a heavy weight session, I practice yoga and I’ve also been using Elmore Oil to help with the soreness.

Elmore is an all natural oil made from Eucalypt and Tea Tree which works to reduce inflammation and help ease muscle soreness.

natural Elmore Oil

natural Elmore Oil

I’ve tried both the cream and the oil and like them both and they work the same but I find the cream is less messy and much better for travel. I’ve also found Elmore Oil to be gentler than other similar creams I’ve used and it doesn’t leave that ‘burning’ feeling afterwards.

Created by founder Ralph Linford 18 years ago, he used his love love of nature with his background in chemistry to develop Elmore Oil knowing eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil have been used for pain relief for thousands of years.

The products use only four natural ingredients; eucalypt, tea tree, vanilla extract and olive oil.  Elmore’s oils and creams can be used anywhere on the body, they’re anti-inflammatory and may help with increased joint mobility and reduce joint inflammation and swelling.

The natural active ingredients include Cineole, distilled from Eucalypt, a complex oil with pain-relieving properties, and Terpinen-4-ol, distilled from Tea Tree, to reduce inflammation.

Read more about Elmore Oil’s story and how it can help you here.

This post was sponsored by Elmore Oil opinions are my own.

Kira Simpson

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