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Lounging around in a certified organic tee and slacks on a lazy Sunday morning has never looked, or sounded, so good. And you can thank Organic Crew for that.

Their range of on-trend women’s luxury lounge basics comes at a time when we could almost declare Australian clothing manufacturing as a ghost of garments past. But alas, Organic Crew have resurrected hope that the local manufacturing scene is far from dead.

Using certified organic cotton, and manufactured right at home in Melbourne, it doesn’t come much more local than the likes of Organic Crew.

Organically Formed

Organic Crew came about very, well, organically.

The two founders’, Mel Lechte and Bannie Williams, paths crossed while working for an organic cold pressed juice company.

Bannie recounts their story, “Mel was the Director of an organic cold pressed juice company and hired me to be their nutritionist. We had so many aligned passions and philosophies, we hit it off immediately. After Mel left the company to pursue the Organic Crew dream, I followed and we partnered.”

For too long, as consumers, we have been protected from witnessing the harmful side effects of our clothing addictions.

She continues, “The fast fashion industry is heavily saturated. Yet many people are unaware of the detrimental effect these garments have on the environment. Not to forget to mention the people who manufacture them too. Cheap clothing and their by-products pollute water and soil, as well as contribute to a devastating number of negative health outcomes. Not only is the garment quality poor, but it would no doubt have a cost to someone’s life, somewhere.”

Change can only come as more consumers are made aware of the reality of fast fashion. In turn, they will be able to make more educated and informed decisions about where they purchase their clothing from.

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Being the Difference

As daily challenges crop up in the running a new business, their inception has nonetheless been positive. Careful not to get swept up in the surreal experience of a successful launch, the ladies are keeping their feet firmly on the ground by reminding themselves of their intentions. It’s this passion to make a difference that keeps them grounded and focused.

Bannie explains, “We started Organic Crew because we believe it is possible to enjoy luxury, without compromising the environment or people in the process.”

Following the wise words of John Bell, Organic Crew encourages you to join the movement and to “Be informed, Be Involved and Make a Difference.”

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