This New Green Living App Helps You Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

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Plants are without a doubt, in vogue.

From fiddle leaf figs to magnificent monsteras, greenery is becoming a central part of the stylish home – another 70’s trend we are more than happy to see return.

However, plants do far more than add aesthetic value to your interiors; they make you healthier, and happier.

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Plant Life Balance

The modern home is filled with harmful substances called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are used widely in household products, including paints, furniture finishes, and many cleaning products. VOCs are ten times higher indoors, than outdoors and being volatile in nature, they can contaminate the air we breathe every day.

While we’ve long known plants absorb airborne pollutants, it wasn’t clear how much greenery we needed inside to truly purify our homes.

This was until Hort Innovation Australia commissioned researchers at The University of Melbourne and RMIT to find out exactly how many plants you need in your space for optimal health and well being.

They established for the first time, a rule of (green) thumb to achieve Plant Life Balance.

Plant Life Balance

The research found that adding one medium sized plant (0.6m x 1.2m tall) to a medium sized room (4m x 5m), increases air quality up to 25%, and when it comes to improving well being, 5 or more plants of different sizes and varieties leads to feeling healthier and happier. Benefits include improvement in mood, concentration and productivity levels!

To inspire and motivate us to bring more greenery into our homes, Hort Innovation Australia used this rule of thumb to create Australia’s first virtual greening app.

Through the app, you can assess your current plant life balance – based on the size of rooms and number of plants within – and then choose more plants to enhance their benefits. Simply rate your space, drag and drop greenery onto a photograph of your room then style it with a look you love.

The app features eleven of these different plant “looks” which were created in collaboration with Georgina Reid, Horticulturalist and Founder of The Planthunter.

Given the research established the well being and health benefits of plants are directly impacted by the number and variety, the app features lots of different plant species. From moody and lush foliage that thrive in low light to homeopathic herbs for the amateur apothecary, the styles are great for any taste and very well suited for the cooler seasons.

Georgina, a complete plant-enthusiast, is constantly inspired by the value of all things green. She thinks winter is the perfect time to get your hands in the soil and give your plants an extra bit of love and care.

“They might be looking for a haircut (prune) and some down time. Most plants will need less water and fertiliser over the cooler months, particularly tropical indoor plants, so now is the time to take things a bit slower, plan your spring gardening bonanza and tuck your plants in for the winter ”

So if you haven’t yet jumped on the plant trend, it’s time – because really, it’s only healthy!


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