Our Picks For The Best Reusable Coffee Cups

Kate Hall

When it comes to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, disposable coffee mugs are often the first to go.

Australian’s throw away around 1 billion coffee cups a year, meaning the greatest environmental impact an individual can have, can come from the simple purchase of one mug that replaces the 365 they may use in year.

Although eco-swaps can come with compromises, like spending $1 more on organic almonds, or refusing freebies wrapped in plastic, having coffee spill all over you in the car, or empty reusable mugs leak tea remnants in your handbag, should not be one of them.

best reusable coffee cups

best reusable coffee cups

Joco Cups

The Joco Cup is designed to last you a lifetime. The brand was created out of a personal protest against single use waste, to enhance your coffee drinking experience, and protect the planet and its people. The Joco Cup fights our mainstream disposable culture, whilst looking damn cool in your hand. The design is simple and classy, with sizes ranging from 8-16oz (approximately 226g – 454g).

best reusable coffee cups

Pottery For The Planet

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of all coffee mugs, Pottery For The Planet mugs are handmade from vitrified ceramic, with a silicone lid. They come in a range of gorgeous designs and colours, but all cups are handmade and one of a kind: the beauty of ceramics. Not only do you reduce waste when you purchase a mug, but you also support campaigns that reduce plastic in the ocean and protect marine life. Pottery For The Planet are associated with the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and work hard to consider their whole impact on the planet.

best reusable coffee cups


A personal favourite, the Stojo is a go-to for the hectic lifestyle. The Stojo was created by three busy dads who worked out they were going through around 3000 disposable coffee cups a year between the three of them. To reduce the amount of coffee cups entering landfill, they created the Stojo pocket cup. It’s leak-proof and super portable. The cup is made of silicon, and pops into itself so you carry it everywhere. The mug includes a lid and heatproof sleeve that protects your hand, but the whole set condenses from a 5-inch cup into a 1.75-inch disk to fit straight into your coat or bag.

best reusable coffee cups


The KeepCup is the most mainstream of all coffee mugs, and for a very good reason. These mugs come in plastic, glass, with or without a cork band, branded, colourful, mini, large; you can literally design your own mug to fit your preferences. KeepCups are made to be indestructible, so you can confidently carry them anywhere.

best reusable coffee cups

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen are a family owned business, on a mission. The team aim to offer high quality reusable products, but also have a positive impact on people and the planet everywhere they go. Klean Kanteen are involved in charity events, gift products to schools and clubs, and identify themselves as more than just a brand; ultimately, a movement. Their cups and insulated tumblers are made from stainless steel, to keep your morning coffee hot for up to 4 hours. The tumblers, the best fit for a hot beverage on the go, are coated in a durable, chip-resistant finish, meaning they are especially ideal for campers and explorers.

best reusable coffee cups

Sol Cups

Hand-blown glass anyone? BPA and chemical free, the Sol cup is a 236ml mug, made to “end waste and embrace the taste”. The team at Sol Cups chose glass to protect the taste of the drink so residual tastes wouldn’t affect that crucial morning cuppa. The glass is extremely durable to endure microwaves and dishwashers.

Frank Green

The stylish way to drink your coffee, Frank Green make innovative products that are beautiful, functional and great for our environment. The offer a selection of minimalist feel coffee cups ranging from primary brights to soft pastels in glass and stainless steel. Their latest Next Generation cups feature payWave in the base of the cups so if you forget your wallet, you can pay for purchases under $50.

Whatever cup chooses you, remember the golden rule:

No cup, no drink, or drink in.

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