Sustainable Maternity Wardrobe – The Top 4 Essentials Worth Investing In

Nikita Oliver Metcalfe

Navigating a constantly changing body shape and size can make getting dressed a little tricky to say the least!

Of course there are certain pieces in your current wardrobe that will easily accommodate your pregnancy bod but there’s no avoiding the need for some essentials to ensure you get through the next 40(ish) weeks fully clothed.

That being said, it’s best to be realistic about the fact that it is only 40 weeks of your life and buying a whole new wardrobe for such a short time is both uneconomical and unsustainable.

Making sure your wardrobe keeps you comfortable and reflects your personal style as best it can while you’re likely not feeling completely yourself and dealing with the many symptoms of being a human incubator is super important…as is spending your dollars wisely and avoiding unnecessary consumption.

So listen up ladies, here are my top sustainable maternity wardrobe essentials that are worth the investment.

sustainable maternity

Maternity Bras

Get these ASAP! There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an ill fitting bra and chances are you’ll need some form of support for sleeping too. I started with nursing sleep bras which are more like crop tops so you don’t feel like you’re going full maternity so soon. These are comfortable enough for sleeping and during the day plus they’ll be functional when baby arrives. My only word of warning is you will continue to grow so keep this in mind when choosing cup size or don’t purchase too many early on!

Stretchy Bottoms

Pants, jeans, skirts, shorts…all bottom of the body garments are the obvious contenders for being the first to be too small. Depending on the season and your lifestyle needs, investing in comfortable pants, jeans, skirts or shorts that will grow with you through your pregnancy is a must! I’m heading into winter and typically wear jeans everyday so I focused on getting a couple of decent pairs early on for comfort and have since developed a new found love for leggings. If possible I would recommend trying on before you buy on this one, I found I’m a size smaller in all my maternity jeans than my regular jeans plus most maternity stores have a strap on bump so you can see how they’ll fit you further down the track (this freaked me out at first but it is helpful!).

Long Singlets

An essential to wear with all of those maternity bottoms! With elastic waistbands everywhere it’s necessary to have a selection of long maternity singlets to both disguise said waistbands and to stretch with you as you grow. I wear fitted long singlets everyday layered under my sweaters which not only hide my elastic waistband but are also comfortable and provide extra warmth. These singlets would also be perfect on their own if you’re in warmer temps but you may want to consider a variation of fitted and other styles so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing the same thing everyday. The best part is this stretchy, multi-purpose item will work just as well in your post pregnancy wardrobe and for any season.

Beyond Pregnancy Styles

It’s easy to get sucked into all of these new shopping options, especially if this is your first pregnancy, as you discover the world of maternity style. Try to think beyond your due date and only invest in pieces that you love and will work in your wardrobe well after baby has arrived. If you plan to breastfeed it might be useful to consider how tops might work for this now to prolong the longevity and usefulness of a purchase. There are so many great styles out there, maternity and regular, that will work for your changing body and although this is an exciting time remember to continue practising conscious consumerism.

Be sure to check out my tips on shopping alternatives to help you build your maternity wardrobe sustainably and keep that bump comfortable and covered in style.

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

Nikita Oliver Metcalfe

Personal stylist with a focus on ethical and sustainable fashion combined with conscious consumption. Nikita believes in the power of styling to ensure women always feel great in what they wear while building meaningful wardrobes and a greater understanding of the impact of their clothes.